Mystery disease kills 300 sheep within an hour in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi farmer who went into his barn to take his 300 sheep on their daily pasturing was shocked when he found them all dead, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom said on Saturday.

The farm said he checked the sheep an hour earlier and they were all alive in their barn at his far in the western town of Qunfudha.

The unnamed farmer had owned the sheep for years and they were his sole source of living for his family of 16.

“Inspectors at the ministry of agriculture said they had taken samples from the dead sheep to determine the cause of their death,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said. (Emirates24/7)




TheWatchers Adorraeli on Facebook 6 years ago

chillymanjaro commented on The Watchers: my guess would be that they eat ergot...or something like that, either way, mysterious is because the reason is still not familiar - so, it is unknown; mysterious

TheWatchers Adorraeli on Facebook 6 years ago

john fichtner commented on The Watchers: Ok so they have not determined the reason for the deaths although the headline says "mystery disease". I would be willing to bet they were poisoned either on accident or on purpose but a disease wouldn't kill them all in an hour flat. The farmer probably mixed some kind of poison with his feed or something. Probably just a stupid mistake.

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