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Unprecedented power grid failure hits Argentina and Uruguay, affecting 48 million people

An unprecedented, massive power grid failure hit Argentina, Uruguay and parts of Paraguay, Chile and Brazil on June 16, 2019, leaving nearly 50 million people without power. This is the first time in history that entire Argentina (population 44 million) and Uruguay...

June 17, 2019


Power outages left millions without power in Cuba

Power failed across a large swath of western Cuba on Sunday night, plunging millions of people into darkness including those in the capital of Havana and at the popular beach resort of Varadero. The outage knocked out air-conditioning units and electric fans on a

September 10, 2012


Power outages in Washington, DC area (satellite view)

Extensive power outages in Washington, DC and Baltimore are visible in these images bellow posted by Earth Observatory on its website. Clouds obscure the lights of Philadelphia and other areas north and east of Baltimore. Of particular interest is the loss of light to

July 04, 2012