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One of world's largest aquifers at risk of drying up - Ogallala Aquifer, USA

The Ogallala Aquifer is a vast, shallow water table aquifer located beneath the Great Plains in the United States. It underlies an area of approximately 450 000 km² (174 000 mi²) and its significant portions are at risk of drying up if it

December 14, 2013

19 Texas Drought_Corr_w500

Texas drought causes water shortages

Latest projections indicates that state's population will double to 46 million over the next half-century. It means that the days of cheap and abundant water are coming to an end, and where the additional supply will come from is not clear.Sixty years after the

November 21, 2011

canadian oil sands

Crude oil extracted from tar sands one of the most controversial forms of fossil fuel

Actress Darryl Hannah and NASA scientist James Hansen are just two of the more than 800 environmental protesters that have been arrested in front of the White House this week. The crowd has been demonstrating against the proposed Keystone Pipeline XL project, which invo

September 04, 2011