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Sandy-like storm surges likely to become more frequent

Scientists from Princeton and Rutgers universities and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution developed a computer simulation which showed the storm-related flooding on the New York City coastline, on the similar scale to those of Hurricane "Sandy," will...

October 11, 2016


Study: Hurricane Sandy eroded half of Fire Island'’s beaches and dunes, New York

New USGS study - beaches and dunes on Fire Island, New York, lost more than half of their pre-storm volume during Hurricane Sandy, leaving the area more vulnerable to future storms.  While the damage and destruction on Fire Island was immediately evident after

August 29, 2013


NASA's computer simulation shows track of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast late in 2012’s Atlantic hurricane season, causing 159 deaths and $70 billion in damages. Days before landfall, forecasts of its trajectory were still being made. Some computer models showed that a trough in the jet stream

June 08, 2013

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Gulf Coast storm system about to deepen into East Coast Nor'Easter

Storm along the central Gulf coast will move eastward to the eastern Florida coast and deepen into nor'easter storm which will form off the coast of South Carolina on Tuesday evening. The storm is forecasted to accelerate north-northeastward on Wednesday, with a

November 06, 2012