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Scientists bring energy-efficient nuclear fusion closer to reality

American scientists have made a giant leap forward in the realm of energy-efficient nuclear fusion, overcoming a key obstacle to making such reactors a reality. Researchers have managed to demonstrate that they can now produce more energy than what is put into

February 19, 2014


Scientists produce hydrogen by mixing silicon and water

Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel and arguably an excellent candidate of alternative energy. Use of  hydrogen extracted from water  to generate electricity is a topic of an ongoing debate. Recent experiments by University at Buffalo researchers revealed how silicon

February 02, 2013

green energy

Clean and green alternatives to uranium and gasoline

In light of latest nuclear disasters and remembering Chernobyl disaster we bring our attention to the unfair use of uranium as a fuel to create nuclear energy for mass energy and gasoline as ultimate source power for cars, ships and planes. Some of not so latest

April 26, 2011