Filament eruption produces Earth-directed CME, G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm watch in effect

Filament eruption April 11, 2022

A large filament eruption took place around Active Region 2987 – located at a geoeffective position – producing a C1 solar flare at 05:21 UTC on April 11, 2022.

The event produced a full halo CME and WSA-Enlil model indicates arrival at Earth early on April 14.

As a result, a G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm watch is in effect.

The solar wind environment continued to be enhanced over the past 24 hours due to combined CME and negative polarity CH HSS effects.1

Total field strength peaked at 9 nT and the Bz component underwent a few southward deviations of up to -5 nT. Phi was predominantly negative while undertaking brief excursions into a positive orientation.


1 G3 – Strong geomagnetic storm in progress, G3 or greater – Strong to Extreme warning in effect – April 10, 2022 – The Watchers

Featured image credit: NASA SDO/AIA 304


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