Spring night sky phenomena in 4K (UHD)

Spring night sky phenomena in 4K (UHD)

This amazing time-lapse was produced by Adrien Maudit from Denmark. In less than 3 minutes, Adrien shows us spring night sky phenomena as seen this month through his lens. From northern lights to Milky Way core, meteorites, iridium flares, zodiacal lights and nebulae.

"As we are advancing into the spring and with the equinox just behind us, Denmark has been the place of peculiar sky phenomena," he says. "In spite of the solar minimum, we have been able to witness two aurora shows, with one on March 21, 2017 which gave a powerful blast at midnight for only a minor storm."

Gaze at the spring Milky Way core rising towards the southeast on the Baltic shores, with the calm waters reflecting the firmament. It is pretty unusual for the island of Sjælland to have such good visibility at night, and the past nights have been pretty tremendous for Milky Way shooting.

"I also tried framing time-lapse sequences of some cool nebulae like the North-American nebula, the Pelican nebula, the Orion constellation and nebulae, the California nebula...

"The night scene have also given us the occasion to peek at some cool meteorites and dust trail (first sequence), as well as iridium flares and satellites. Eventually, you can notice a strange pyramidal light popping out on the western horizon: the zodiacal lights. This strange light event emanates from the reflection of Sun rays onto thin interplanetary dust particles (peaks in March). You might also be able to notice the grey heron that kept me company while foraging in the shallows during the shoot."

All shots have been taken in the region of Odsherred in north-west Sjælland in Denmark in the month of March. All has been recorded with hours of patience with Sony a7rII and Canon 6D Baader modified. Adrien also used iOptron sky tracker for some tracked sequences. It is the result of some thousands of pictures taken and countless hours of editing and post-production.

Featured image credit: Adrien Mauduit


Kristina 1 year ago

Thank you Adrien, that was lovely. We look for the iridium flash here in California too.

Martin Chevian 1 year ago

Awesome! excellent work and we appreciate it.
Thanks for sharing and have a FUN day!!

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