Food inflation to be driven by record-high mass slaughtering of farm animals


The price of food is about to get a whole lot higher as a result of the mass slaughter of cattle stocks worldwide, which itself is a result of persistent drought conditions that have caused a shortage of staple food items, and a subsequent spike in animal feed costs. According to a new report out of England, the end result of this disastrous phenomenon will be a 14 percent overall jump in food costs throughout the next year, as food costs reach their highest levels ever on record.

The U.K.’s Guardian reports that many farmers are slaughtering their pig and cattle herds early, and in much higher quantities, because they simply cannot afford the high and rising costs of animal feed. As we reported previously, this action will result in lower meat prices in the immediate future, but significantly higher meat prices down the road, as eventually there will not be enough available animal stocks to meet demand.

“There will be an initial glut in meat availability as people slaughter their animals to reduce their feed bills. But by next year, herds will be so reduced that there won’t be enough animals to meet expected demand and prices will soar,” says Nicholas Higgins, a commodities analyst and author of the new report. “Farmers cut back pigs because they can rebuild them the quickest. Replacement cattle take a lot longer to breed — a year and a half compared to six months for pigs.”

Food prices across the board expected to rise dramatically in response to drought

 reports that the number of pigs slaughtered this year, at least in the U.S., is the highest it has been in four and a half years, as the number of hogs processed into pork rose four percent in August. Beef supplies have also risen dramatically as a result of this mass slaughter, with beef stockpiles now said to be at the third-highest level ever on record.

But at the same time as these meat stocks are increasing, the number of live animals taking their place in feedlots and on pasture is decreasing, which is highly problematic going into 2013. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is expected to disclose in an upcoming report that the overall number of animals entering feedlots in 2012 dropped about six percent from last year, the lowest level since 2008.

Staple crops like corn, wheat, and rice are also taking a huge hit as a result of drought conditions, which are spiking their costs as well. The New York Times (NYT) reports that a whopping 88 percent of the U.S. corn crop, for instance, has now officially taken a hit due to lack of rainwater, which will eventually result in higher prices for foods made with corn.

“We’re seeing the price of wheat, corn and beans go up,” says Marc Sadler, head of the agricultural risk assessment team at the World Bank. “Food wheat is about bread and cookies and instant noodles. But it’s about instant noodles in Asia and Indonesia as much as it is about what you’re going to buy in Walmart.”

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By Jonathan Benson


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  1. Should see a serious drop in greenhouse gasses that’s generated by all the methane from manure in the huge feed lots. I don’t buy meat or corn products so it makes no difference to me. I only buy from the fresh vegetable section of the grocery store. It’s really cheap for my grocery bill.


    Besides the fact that INNOCENT, SENTIENT BEINGS will be MASS SLAUGHTERED by cruel Human hands…

    The end result will be less FLESH consumed…which will heal our Planet immensely!

    Flesh-eating Zombie populations will finally start to decrease! Nasty mofos.

  3. This, with a jaundiced view, might be the terminal solution to the 1st world’s obesity time bomb, and the third world’s overpopulation crisis.
    Humanity, with increasing acceleration, is sinking deeper into its own burgeoning mire heap, with nothing to be done about it except – ‘belt-up and enjoy the ride.

  4. Like it or not, when people diss the Creator and forget our Saviour Jesus Christ you can guarantee that there will be droughts and worse! This once great Christian nation is going through the time of apostasy. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 The departure of the Faith of Christianity and bringing in the time of the anti-Christ. If we are to survive as a Christian Nation we have to get back to the Lord Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. We have to put our faith in Him, stand for righteousness, stay alert and persevere! Read the Word (King James Version Bible). Yahweh Bless You!

    1. So what you are saying Donovan, is that ‘Christians have brought this on?
      I think the Islamists might agree – but you give ‘your god far too much credence as opposed to all the other versions of the creator.
      There really is only one ……….. and you do HIM a disservice with your ranting.

    2. Nic. The turning away of Jesus Christ is the cause of all the worldly problems. If you don’t have Jesus Christ how are you going to enjoy the ride? When all hell breaks loose you will be crying out to the Lord Jesus Christ to save you. Get right with the Messiah before its too late. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. All you have to do is believe in Him and accept Him in your heart. There is no other creator or god that can save you. Yahweh Bless You.

      1. I am not going to debate your narrow minded vision/interpretation of what Master Christ taught.
        ‘As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. John 9:5; which was after the death of John the Baptist (Master Christ’s Master) 27 AD to 30-36 AD and not longer: not what the Christian social institutions claim (had to keep the ball rolling, and managed it for ±2000 years).
        Your job is to find/seek the living Master to beg for the ‘WORD, not sprout formal religion’s fabricated indoctrinations. I can only marvel at the Christian intuitions bigotry – currently the Vatican, but includes all.
        ‘behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) Should you ever in this life-time grasp the true meaning of this, you would begin the final adventure with no reason to continue drowning in the mire.

        1. The apostasy is real and we’re living in it. If you’re not effected yet, it’s time to get your head out of the sand and look around. The U.S. is no longer a Christian Nation. This world is going out of control and the antichrist is ready to be revealed. All the laws are topsy turvy, being bad is considered good and the good is considered bad. Next will come the terror in your neighborhood. We are living as in the days of Noah. During this apostasy Yahweh has sent a delusional spirit and if your trapped in a sinful lifestyle it will be very hard to overcome. Jesus Christ when He ascended to Heaven said He would return to gather His people. That time is very soon. Believe, have faith in Jesus Christ and live in righteousness. Read the Word, (KJV Bible) it is the only reliable source. It is inspired from Yahweh for our Salvation. Master Christ Bless You. Amen

          1. That your gobbledegook works for you is wonderful………… ‘for you’, but to assume that I myself, and others do not have our own gobbledegook that works for us, is arrogant and quite frankly provoking. You have no real understanding of your own ‘Bible, yet you presume to dictate to others what you’ believe (not have knowledge of) is the only truth, and the only way.
            My job at this level (as is every one else’s) is to find the perfect Master within, of which I know you have no concept as it is not your time.
            What you fail to get, is that this site is not a convenient platform to spew your rhetoric – a better platform is ‘The extinction protocol’, where you would find like-minded company.

          2. Why do you have to troll? I told you only from what is in the KJV Bible. Whether you accept the truth or not is totally up to you. You are the only one accountable for your own soul. You seem the one with the narrow mind and a theology of myth to boot. You will not change my view of faith and I am free to voice my opinion on this web site or any other web site for that matter. Recieve the grace of Jesus Christ, believe in him only, repent of sin and live a righteous lifestyle. Yahweh Bless you! Goodbye.

          3. It’s not my job to convert you to anything you clown, and being respectful of ALL of humanity’s viewpoints, I believe that as none of us have true knowledge of the Lord (otherwise we wouldn’t be here), we must apply the teachings of the Masters as best we can. Master Christ’s entire teaching is contained in one sentence John 13:34 – A new commandment I give unto you, “That ye love one another; as I have loved you”.
            I rest my case………

  5. The law of ‘diminishing returns’ is in full swing to keep prices down at both ends of the game as grocery stores/farms make their pricing adjustments to satisfy the needs and wants of the market place.

    Truly a colossal waste.

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