Record Japan rain causing floods and landslides

Record Japan rain causing floods and landslides

Unprecedented rainfall pounded southwestern Japan causing floods and landslides. Eighteen people died and at least eight were missing as heavy rain hit southwestern Japan, particularly in the country's southernmost main island of Kyushu, police and firefighters said Friday. The Japan Meteorological Agency reports that rainfall in parts of Kumamoto and Oita prefectures reached levels "never experienced before." Searches for the missing were under way amid swollen rivers and landslides. About 48,000 people were ordered to flee the city of Kumamoto. Blackouts hit thousands of homes and transportation infrastructure suffered disruption.

Hardest hit was Minamiaso in Kumamoto Prefecture, where landslides buried houses. The weather agency warned that heavy rainfall of 70 millimeters per hour could hit the northern Kyushu region from the early hours of Friday. There was recorded 507 mm (20 inches) of rainfall in 24 hours.


Sources: JMA, KyodoNews


S.Prakash 8 years ago

DEAR EDITOR, The continuous wide spread heavy rain in N and S Korea and SW Japan is a forewarning for a powerful earthquake underway to hit around Sendai and Ryukyu region. Authorities must be in alert instead to neglect. JAPAN AUTHORITIES MUST BE IN FULLEST ALERT. REGIONAL WEATHER CHANGES: July 14, 2012 S.Korea (33-38N 127-140E) (35.40N 127.31E 90 mm) Japan Mito(36 23N 140 28E 53.0 mm), Izuhara(34 12N 129 18E 77 mm),Hiroshima(34 24N 132 28E 118.0 mm),Oita(33 14N 131 37E 78.5 mm),Fukuoka(33 35N 130 23E 163.5 mm). July 15, 2012 N Korea Pyonggang(38 25N 127 17E 55mm), Sokcho(38 15N 128 34E 78 mm),Icheon(37 16N 127 29E 93 mm),Munsan(37 53N 126 45E 55 mm),Wonju(37 20N 127 57E 90 mm),Suwon(37 16N 126 59E 98 mm),Seosan(36 46N 126 30E 104 mm),Cheongju(36 38N 127 27E 59 mm),Cheonam(36 46N 127 07E 53 mm), Daejeon(36 22N 127 22E 56 mm),Daegwallyeong(37 41N 128 46E 78 mm), (37.80N 128.85E 89 mm), Donghae radar(37 30N 129 08E 94 mm),Yeongwol(37 11N 128 28E 97 mm),Uljin(36 59N 129 25E 84 mm),Andong(36 34N 128 43E 50 mm),Gangneung (37 45N 128 54E 87 mm),Pohang(36 02N 129 23E 61 mm),Ulleungdo(37 29N 130 54E 54 mm),Gwangju(35 10N 126 54E 72.5 mm), (35.40N 127.31E 53.5 mm),Daegu(35 53N 128 37E 53 mm),Ulsan(35 33N 129 19E 94 mm),Masan(35 11N 128 34E 84 mm),Busan(35 06N 129 02E 274 mm),Jinju(35 12N 128 07E 62 mm) S Korea Changjon(38 44N 128 11E 64 mm) POSSIBLE REGIONAL QUAKES: Quake up to M6-7+ will continue to hit around Sendai / Morioka and Ryukyu regions (36-38°N, 140-143°E), Honshu, Japan in 5-10 days With Thanks&Regards S.Prakash ASNT NDT Level III (MT,PT,RT,UT,VT) Tamilnadu INDIA 00919443922723

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