Severe floods in southeast Iran claim 10 lives, damage or destroy over 2 000 homes

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As of April 23, heavy rainfall in Sistan-Baluchistan, Iran, has resulted in at least 10 fatalities, displacement of approximately 3 000 people to evacuation centers, and widespread infrastructural damage. Over 46 000 residents have been affected, with critical supplies dwindling and forecasts predicting more rain.

Recent torrential rains in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, Iran, have led to severe flooding, resulting in significant casualties and damage. As reported by local authorities and media, the ongoing disaster has claimed at least 10 lives as of April 23, 2024. The floods have displaced about 3 000 individuals who are currently housed in evacuation centers and have impacted over 46 000 residents throughout the province.

The extensive damage includes more than 2 000 homes that have been partially damaged or destroyed. The infrastructure has been severely compromised, with roads, electricity, and water systems disrupted. Power outages are widespread, affecting hundreds of villages across the region.

Moeineddin Saeedi, a local lawmaker, has described the situation as dire, with up to 70% of transit and rural roads in some districts being destroyed. The flooding has penetrated many homes, leaving residents in precarious conditions.

Activists on the ground report that the actual death toll might be higher than the government’s current estimate, with figures suggesting up to 18 fatalities.

The Crisis Management Organization’s spokesperson, Hossein Zafari, highlighted that around 300 villages in the southern parts of the province are now isolated, facing significant disruptions to their water supply. The risk of further displacement is high, especially as the region is still reeling from another major flood last month that displaced over half a million people.

Local agriculture has been hit hard, with farmland flooded and livestock lost to the rising waters. This has worsened the plight of the already impoverished population, making the recovery efforts even more challenging. Reports from locals and various social media posts indicated a delay in government-led rescue operations, with essential aid reaching the affected areas slowly.

Meteorologists forecast additional rainfall and thunderstorms over the next 24 hours, threatening to exacerbate the already dire situation.


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