Sacred white buffalo killed

Sacred white buffalo killed

Lightning Medicine Cloud, a white buffalo, was born onto Arby Little Soldier’s Lakota Ranch with great ceremony. Now, at just under one-year-old, the sacred and rare calf is dead. Authorities believe the animal and his mother were intentionally killed. Lightning Medicine Cloud’s father had been killed by a lightning strike last month. A one-year birthday party was planned for Lightening Medicine Cloud for next week. The event will continue as a memorial.

The Hunt County Sheriff and the Texas Rangers are searching for the person or people who killed the two animals. "We are investigating all three deaths at the Lakota Ranch here,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

As legend goes, chances are one in 10 million that a white buffalo will ever enter this world. The white buffalo was born on May 12 last year during the intense power of a driving thunderstorm. The white buffalo was born on Arby Little Soldier’s ranch in Hunt County. Little Soldier is part Mandan Indian, part Lakota; he says he is also a great grandson of Sitting Bull. While all the other buffaloes on Little Soldier’s ranch belong to him, he said the white one belongs to all people and nations. He believes, and custom dictates, that the animal’s existence is a powerful message, but its meaning is not yet known. A rare white buffalo calf regarded as sacred by Lakota Sioux tradition has officially been named at a ceremony drawing about 2,000 people to a northeast Texas ranch.

The name Lightning Medicine Cloud is also a tribute to the first known white buffalo in Texas born in 1933. Lakota Sioux tradition holds that Whope (HOH'-pah), the goddess of peace, once appeared in the form of a white buffalo calf. Little Soldier says the buffalo represents hope for all nations and races.

"The message that was brought here to this ranch, he brought strong and it will carry on. It's not gonna quit. It's never going to quit." Arby Little Soldier

White buffalo are extremely rare. To be considered sacred they must also have certain markings - black nose, black eyes and black-tipped tail. Lightning Medicine Cloud was the third with all markings. And the fourth in Lakota's Native American prophecy represents the end of the last days.

In this video bellow you can watch  Chief Arvol Looking Horse speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy:

Ruth Hopkins: Prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf

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Shiloh Rising 7 years ago

Terrible and sad, reflective of the wrong that evil does to God's creation and what humans are capable of. I am sad for the Lakotas, but not surprised by the evil that seems to be everywhere. Jesus Christ was also innocent and killed. The LORD will separate the lambs and the goats. One day He will govern and reign, the lion will lie down with the lamb, there is a resurrection for those who believe and He is our hope.

Kala 7 years ago

The Earth Based Peoples of the world have more power within their thoughts and words than they realize to manifest change within humanity. If we walk the path of fear, then fear is what we create within ourselves and within those around us. If we walk the path of love for all, then love is what we will create within ourselves and all our lives touch. How to change the world one thought at a time: (From the book "The Hundredth Monkey" by Ken Keyes, Jr. To quickly simplify this book, it was discovered that by teaching a monkey how to wash potatoes, that the information was passed on until all within the area were doing the same. But what was miraculous, was when this knowledge jumped to other monkeys not on the originating island. This was called the 100th Monkey, where a critical mass of awareness was achieved allowing the information to be transferred to a field of awareness that was accessible to all within the species. What does this mean for humanity? It means that each and very single individual counts. What you think you have a part in creating. If we do not like what we see or experience we can change it, one thought at a time, one person at a time, one group at a time, one people at a time, but it will change the moment we reach a critical mass of awareness (i.e., the 100th Monkey Affect). It is true that a single person can change the world, think about it. If one or more people or groups concentrate on peace, harmony, tranquility, abundance, sovereignty and equality for all, then that is what will physically manifest; the INTERNET is the key. We are all linked within our subconscious awareness to the Earth and all living things that live in and upon Her. When we kill each other and things within our environment we kill not only the Earth Herself, but we kill ourselves. When a people do not understand that we are all connected in this fashion, then we become sick and we die. We need each other and you cannot destroy a people or animal or insect species without detriment to the planet and the environment. It is not a simple matter of making a space ship and running off to another planet. Each planet is unique and vibrates differently, as do the creatures that live within it and on it.

Babs Salley (@Kala) 7 years ago

Have the caught the sick people that have done this?

sharen brewer 8 years ago

I think that white buffalo calf women will have somthing to say about this.And she knows who did this. Love and Light to all Honestangel2012.

Naruto & Shikamaru's Bib Overalls 8 years ago

Who or rather what kind of sick depraved excuse for a human being would wantanly slaughter such a very rare and sacred animal and its mother? I feel so very sorry for such an excuse of a person as, they will never know or perhaps care how much pain and sorrow they've caused so many other's. If they actually are aware of their actions, then it's much more scary. As, it would suggest such beast's and criminals take pleasure from pain. To kill its mother as well seems, to suggest whoever the perps may be wish not to see another White Buffalo. That suggests some very scary type's of people I don't really want to even think about!! Especially at night!!

terryh (@Naruto & Shikamaru's Bib Overalls) 8 years ago

They will receive their Karma!

Petra 8 years ago

I hope this is the last of the great sacrifices required by nature and our innocence to help evil to awaken when it does how great will its compassion and sorrow be for what it has done. The only punishment worthy of this crime is true awareness of the harm that has been done. My grieving is with the earth and its people even the ignorant ones. May our sorrows over the hurt we have caused be small.

rachel 8 years ago

The Hebrews/Jews have the Red Heifer for sacred purposes, the Lakota "had" the White Buffalo of historical sacred purposes. I believe many American Indian tribes are as much atuned to the sacred oneness and holiness of God and all creation and the message his creation can provide to us humans. But those who are outside the realm of what is holy and right are they who trample on others beliefs. As much as the 2nd temple ruins were destroyed by the Muslems in 2001 and they then said that the temple never existed (but the demolished remains of the ruins still exist, thus they are wrong); so it is with the Sacred White Buffalo and the sacred white woman with the sacred pipe given to the tribes for significant purpose. What rights they took from the Lakota should be equal, if not more, in some form, taken from those who committed this evil act........if man doesn't judge them properly then may Yahweh do so, for believing and waiting for a sign of the times is in the nature of all those who old dear the love of God and his creatures.

Pamela Mettetal 8 years ago

My heart is sadden by these awful acts done by cowards, may the Holy spirit take care of us all and the person or persons that did this........Pamela Mettetal

Philip Harris 8 years ago

My sorrow is so deep, not for Lightening, but for humanity!

D. C. 8 years ago

Another SAD day in Native American history! When is Yahweh going to redeem His beloved People? The white buffalo was symbolic of the Messiah the Lord Jesus's return.Now the Native American and Gentiles should take this as a sign that Jesus's return is at the door. Come back to the Lord and wash your garments clean with the cleansing blood of the Lamb.

Philip F Harris 8 years ago

I think that humanity has sealed its fate with this act.

Nicko (@Philip F Harris) 8 years ago

I fear that Phillip may be right.

terry 8 years ago

how sad we all didnt wake up centuries ago maybe this time the ones that are left to start again wont make the same mistakes

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