Tropical cyclone 05A forms over Arabian sea


An area of disturbed weather has developed southwest of the Cape Comorin of India and is now becoming a tropical cyclone. The system, named 05A, is currently tracking northwest over the Arabian Sea.

Model forecasts are pushing the system to the northwest then curving the system to the northeast when the system encounters strong westerly winds aloft. Before it takes its turn, it will encounter somewhat favorable conditions and may strengthen by midday Sunday.

After this period, however, the system should begin to weaken as it encounters some strong wind shear. Eventually, the weakened storm should make landfall late this week anywhere from eastern Oman to western India. Even if the system loses strength before landfall, heavy rain can accompany the remnants. The wave that spawned 05A already brought over 7 inches of rain to places in southeast India on Thursday and Friday. (AccuWeather)


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  1. I’m an American living in Oman for the past 19 years. This cylcone that is approaching is the 5th tropical cyclone to visit Oman in just the past 4 years. The first one back in 2007, named Gonu almost killed me and my family! “Gonu” seemed to be the big one that opened the door to all these other storms that keep coming. This is a country (region) that does NOT usually ever have tropical cyclones. It is considered very rare. In the 19 years that I’ve lived here we never had these types of systems reaching the coastline of Oman. This is PROOF to me that climate change is REAL and SOMETHING is definitely happening. To have 5 cylones in 4 years in a place that doesn’t have a history of cyclones….this is really remarkable!

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