Hemp Oil Cures Cancer – “Run From The Cure” – The Rick Simpson Story (Video)


The cure for cancer, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, burns, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, diarea, glaucoma, scar tissue, skin alleriges, ulcers, snoring and many more…

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil/cannabis oil/marijuana oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge, curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses… but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine — leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments — and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana. Hemp oil is not addictive.  All about hemp oil with instructions how it is used and made can be found on Rick Simpson web site: http://phoenixtears.ca/

This video is not about getting high, smoking hemp does not have medicinal effects as taking hemp oil.

Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge, hemp has always been used as a political and religious football. Watch the documentary Run From The Cure to understand more about using cannabis as a cure for cancer and other medical problems.

Marijuana Hemp oil is made from the bud and leaves of the cannabis plant. Marijuana Hemp oilnot to be confused with hempseed oil, contains a much higher THC content and is known to have far greater medicinal and recreational properties than that of hempseed. Marijuana Hemp oil is made by extracting the THC from the cannabis plant, and producing an oil so that the THC can be taken orally, used topically, or vaporized instead of smoked to produce psychoactive effects. Marijuana Hemp oil is a concentrated amount of THC removed out of the marijuana plant. The medicinal benefit of the Marijuana Hemp oil is currently under study but there is some anecdotal evidence that it may help in the treatment of certain cancers and some other diseases, but no clinical trials have yet been completed. (Wikipedia)

An extensive list of available medical studies can be found here. Do not be surprised that you will not find any study at all that would deal directly with hemp oil in its purest form. The medical professionals have probably missed something (rather important) and it is a wonder to me that they can perform their trade. It is like cooking without salt, it simply make very little sense.

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From Rick Simpson web site

The production process and FAQ on hemp oil

For those of you who have watched the documentary “Run from the Cure”, this should answer any questions about producing your own oil. I recommend that people grow their own hemp either in a small indoor grow system or outdoors. Growing it yourself will eliminate the high cost associated with buying hemp from drug dealers. The cost of hemp can vary greatly from dealer to dealer and so can the quality of the hemp. For anyone new to growing hemp a good book or video on the subject is a necessity. Just go to one of the cannabis publications on line, or buy one of these publications at a local store where you live. If you do this you should have no trouble finding a good book on the subject. My personal favorite is The Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Growers Bible by Jorge Cervantes. Also Ed Rosenthal and many others have excellent books on the subject available.

Caution: Oils that drug dealers sell can have many contaminants and often little or no THC. From my experience, most hemp oil available on the street should be avoided for medicinal use. Make your own oil or have someone you trust produce the oil to assure a very pure, high quality oil is produced.

How much to make and take?
One pound of very dry high quality cannabis hemp bud material will usually produce 55 to 60 grams of high grade oil. This amount of oil will usually cure most serious cancers unless the patient has been badly damaged by chemo and radiation. In such cases the patient can often still be saved, but they will have to ingest much more oil to undo the damage the chemo and radiation has left behind. The average patient can ingest a full 60 gram cancer treatment in about 90 days. But if they have been damaged by chemo and radiation often much more oil will need to be taken, over a longer period of time. Sometimes such patients will require 120 to 180 grams to undo the damage from all the chemo and radiation. Once the patient is cured and all the damage has been undone, I recommend that they continue to take a maintenance dose of about 1 gram per month to maintain good health. A small amount of oil about half the size of a piece of short grained dry rice three times a day is a good beginning. After four days double the amount you are taking per dose and try to continue to do so every four days there after. Until you have reached the point where you can ingest one third of a gram per dose. Taking the oil in this manner in the beginning allows the patient time to build up their tolerance for this substance. Some people soon acquire a very high tolerance and I always tell patients the faster you can take it the sooner you will be cured. I once had an eighty two year old man who was ingesting 2grams a day, who was still going to town everyday and no one could even tell he was taking it. In cases where people are taking strong and dangerous pain medications like morphine. I recommend that they begin treatment taking doses about the size of a grain of short grained dry rice. The idea is to increase their doses as quickly as possible to get off the dangerous pain medications and let the oil take their place to provide pain relief. High quality hemp oil from the proper strains can stop pain that even morphine has no effect on, also this oil can be applied to external injuries for pain relief in minutes.

Will I get high?
Following the dosage instructions previously described many people have reported to me that they did not get high during treatment.

Will I become addicted?
Hemp oil does not cause your body to crave more. It is non-addictive, harmless and effective for practically any medical condition.

Is this the same as hemp seed oil?
No this oil is produced from the bud material of the cannabis hemp plant and it is the essential oil of the hemp plant. Health food stores sell oil that is made from hemp seed that is often mislabeled as hemp oil what they really are selling is cold pressed hemp seed oil and that is what should be on their label. Although seed oil is very beneficial, it does not contain enough THC to have any effect on cancer and other serious illnesses.

Are hemp and marijuana the same?
The word marijuana is one of over four hundred slang terms used worldwide to describe the cannabis and/or hemp plant.

Are all hemp plants the same?
When buying or growing hemp, procure a strain that has the highest possible THC content. To energize someone suffering from depression, I recommend a good Sativa strain. For most other medical conditions, I strongly suggest that Indica strains be used. Indicas relax a person and provide them with more rest and sleep.

How do I use it?
High quality hemp oil can be vaporized, ingested, used as a suppository or applied topically. Also this oil can be mixed with creams and salves for beauty treatments and other external uses.

What Strain Should I Use?
This is a rather hard question to answer, since in reality we are all at the mercy of the seed merchants, for they are the ones who have the final say in what we are growing. The trouble is, if you were to order a strain like White Widow from five different seed suppliers. When you grew them you would likely end up growing five entirely different types of plants. The type of White Widow that I was growing back in Canada had a very heavy sedative effect like a good Indica variety and it was one of the best pain killers that I have ever encountered. But if I tried to order the same seeds from the company I originally purchased them from today, they would likely send me seeds with entirely different medicinal values. The White Widow I’ve seen here in Europe is much more energizing than what I was growing in Canada. Unfortunately for the most part it does not have the medicinal values that I am looking for to produce the heavy sleepy effect, like the White Widow I was growing back in Canada. So as you can see, when you order seeds from most seed companies, you are never really too sure what you will be growing. We need a good ongoing steady supply of seeds that have known medicinal values, so an ordinary person will know what they are growing. All we need is the freedom to grow the most medicinal strains on earth. Then using a simple process of elimination we could determine which strains produce the best oil to treat different medical conditions. After this is done a stable supply of these seeds could be made available to the public and they then could grow strains that suit their medical needs.

I always produce this oil using strong Indica varieties, but Indica dominant Sativa crosses can often produce excellent results also. There are thousands of strains that have been bred back and forth with each other and they all differ in their medicinal values. Some strains are better pain killers, while others may be better to control blood sugar levels for diabetics or ocular pressure for glaucoma patients. I have good reason to call the hemp plant, the plant with a thousand different medicinal profiles. Once you experience the medicinal effects, oils produced from different strains can have, you will understand exactly what I mean. But luckily for us, if the oil is properly produced it does work very well in the treatment of all types of cancer. At this time all I can do is tell the public to order strong Indica or Indica dominant Sativa crosses that have 20% THC or more, to produce their oil. Also people are always asking me where they can get seeds and this can be a real problem for those who live in some countries, that don’t allow them to be sold. If you go on the internet you will find many seed companies that will supply cannabis seeds. But the only company I know of that will ship seeds worldwide is the Attitude Seed Company out of the UK. I hope the information I have provided will be helpful to those who are trying to acquire the proper strain to produce their medication. We already know the wonderful healing effects this natural oil has, but we need the freedom to perfect the strains required to produce the most effective medicine.

My process:

I usually work with a pound or more of bud from very potent high quality Indica or Indica dominant Sativa crosses. An ounce of good bud will usually produce 3 to 4 grams of high grade oil and the amount of oil produced will vary from strain to strain. So you are never really sure how much oil you will get, until you have processed the material you are working with. But on average a pound of good bud will usually produce about 60 grams of high grade oil and sometimes you may even get a bit more. Many people will tell you that the oil should be amber and that you can see through it, in many cases the oils that I produced were exactly like that. But the color and texture of the oil you are producing depends a great deal on the strain and solvent that you are using to produce the oil. So don’t be concerned if the oil you produce happens to be darker in color, this does not mean that it is any less potent as a medicine.

The process that I am about to describe involves washing the starting material twice with a good solvent such as pure naphtha, to remove the available resin from the plant material. Naphtha has proven to be a very good solvent to produce the oil and in Europe it is often called benzine. The only solvents that I have direct experience with are ether, alcohol and naphtha. Ether is my personal favourite and it is a very effective solvent, but it is expensive and can be quite hard to get. I think the use of ether is better suited for closed distilling devices since it is very volitile and its fumes make it a bit dangerous to work with. Alcohol is not quite as effective as ether or naphtha as a solvent, since it is less selective in nature, but still it does work well. Alcohol will dissolve more chlorophyll from the starting material and due to this, oils produced with alcohol will usually be more noticeably dark in color. For a solvent to be effective it should be 100% pure and 100% pure alcohol is expensive and can be quite hard to find. Naphtha on the other hand is quite cheap to acquire and is usually not too hard to find. Many paint suppliers sell pure naphtha as paint thinners, so for the most part it is quite easy to get and next to the use of ether it is my solvent of choice.

All these solvents including alcohol are poisonous in nature, but if you follow these instructions solvent residue in the finished oil is not a concern. When you are done processing the oil after it cools to room temperature, it is a thick grease rather than an oil. The finished oil or in reality (grease) is about as anti poisonous as you can get. Even if there was a trace amount of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon it to neutralize any harmful poisonous effect. I don’t recommend the use of butane as a solvent to produce this medication, since it is very volatile and would require the use of expensive equipment to neutralize the danger. Also using butane to produce the oil does not decarboxylate the finished product, so oils produced in this manner would be much less effective for medicinal use.

The starting material must be as dry as possible, it is then placed in a container of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process. Once the starting material is placed in the desired container it is then dampened with the solvent being used, be sure the area you are working in is well ventilated and there are no sparks, open flames or red hot elements in the area. After the material is dampened it is crushed using a length of wood such as a piece of 2×2, after it has been crushed add more solvent until the material is completely immersed, in the solvent. Work the material immersed in the solvent for about three minutes, with the length of wood you used to crush it with. Then slowly pour the solvent oil mix off into another clean container, leaving the starting material in the original container, so it can be washed for the second time.

Again add fresh solvent to the starting material until it is once more immersed in the solvent then work it for three more minutes with the length of wood you have been using. Then pour the solvent oil mix into the same container that is holding the solvent oil mix from the first wash you did. Trying to do a third wash on the plant material would produce very little oil and it would be of little or no benefit as a medicine. The first wash dissolves 70 to 80% of the available resin off the starting material, the second wash then removes whatever resin that is of benefit that remains.

Use something such as clean water containers with a small opening at the top and insert funnels into the openings, then put large coffee filters in the funnels. Pour the solvent oil mix from the first and second washes into the coffee filters and allow the solvent oil mix to drain through the filters to remove any unwanted plant material. Once the solvent oil mix has been filtered it is now ready to have the solvent boiled off.

Use an inexpensive large rice cooker with an open top that has both high and low heat settings to boil the solvent off the oil. Make sure that the rice cooker is set up in a well ventilated area and place a fan near by to blow away the fumes as the solvent boils off. Rice cookers are designed to not burn the rice as it cooks and the temperature sensors that are built in, will automatically put the cooker back on the low heat setting if the temperature within the cooker begins to get to high. When producing oil if the temperature gets too high it will vaporize the cannabinoids off the oil and of course you do not want this to occur. That’s the reason I strongly recommend the use of a rice cooker to those who have never produced oil before since it eliminates any danger of this happening, if the rice cooker is working properly.

Make sure there are no sparks, open flames or red hot elements in the area while you are filling the rice cooker or boiling the solvent off, because the fumes produced from the solvent are very flammable. I have used this same process thousands of times and have never had a mishap, but for your own safety please follow the instructions, I also caution you to avoid breathing in the fumes that solvents produce. Fill the rice cooker until it is about three quarters full, this allows room for the solvent oil mix to boil the solvent off without spilling over. Put the rice cooker on its high heat setting and begin boiling the solvent off, as the level in the rice cooker drops continue to carefully add the solvent oil mix you have remaining, until you have nothing left.

When the level in the rice cooker comes down for the last time and has been reduced to about two inches of solvent oil mix remaining, add a few drops of water to the solvent oil mix that remains. When I am boiling the solvent oil mix produced from one pound of starting material, I usually add 10 to 12 drops of water at this time. This small amount of water allows the remaining solvent to boil off the oil that remains in the cooker more readily. When there is very little remaining in the cooker, I usually put on a pair of gloves and then pick up the cooker and begin swirling its contents. Until the cooker automatically kicks off its high heat setting and then goes to low heat.

As the last of the solvent is being boiled off, you will hear a crackling sound from the oil that is left in the cooker and you will see quite a bit of bubbling taking place in the oil that remains. Also you will notice what looks like a small amount of smoke or steam, coming off the oil in the rice cooker. But don’t be concerned this is mostly just steam produced from the few drops of water that you added. After the rice cooker has automatically switched to its low heat setting, I take the inner pot out of the cooker and pour its contents into a stainless steel measuring cup. There will be a small amount of oil remaining in the pot that you will find almost impossible to get out, unless you use something like dry bread to absorb the oil while it is still warm. Then small amounts of this bread can be eaten as a medicine, but remember it can sometimes take an hour or more before you feel its effects. So be careful how much bread like this you consume, because it may put you to sleep for quite a few hours, just the same as the raw oil will do itself.

Take the oil that you poured into the stainless steel measuring cup and put it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer, to evaporate off whatever water remains in the oil. Quite often it only takes a short time to evaporate the remaining water off, but also some strains produce more natural turpins than others. These turpins can cause the oil you now have on the coffee warmer to bubble for quite some time and it may take awhile for such oils to cease this activity. When the oil on the coffee warmer has stopped bubbling and there is little or no activity visible, take the oil off the coffee warmer and allow it to cool a bit.

Then using plastic applicators or syringes with no needles, that are available in your local drug store. Use the plunger of the syringes to slowly draw the warm oil up into the syringes and allow it to cool. In a short time the oil will become a thick grease, sometimes the oil can be so thick that it can be hard to force it out of the syringes when cooled. If such a thing happens simply run hot water over the syringe and your doses can then be forced out much more easily. Sometimes a patient will force out too much oil, but if this happens just pull back on the plunger of the syringe and the excess oil can usually be drawn back into the syringe without too much difficulty.

On average if I have a dry pound of material to work with, it will require about two imperial gallons of solvent, or 9 liters which equals about 320 fluid ounces to do the two washes that are required. If you plan to produce the oil from more or less starting material, simply do the math to determine roughly how much solvent you will require. From start to finish it usually takes me about four hours to accomplish the whole process, then the medicine is sitting there ready to be used. It should also be mentioned that this oil has an extremely long shelf life, if kept in a cool dark place for storage. I think these instructions should make producing this oil quite easy for anyone, but before you start make sure that you have everything you will need to do it properly.

At first it may seem daunting for some to try to produce their own medicine, but in reality this process is extremely simple. All you have to do is carefully follow the instructions and after you produce this medication a couple of times, you will find that it is not much harder to make than a cup of coffee. Once you have produced your own medication it takes all the mystery out of medicine and you no longer have to rely on doctors in most cases, for now you are your own doctor. Welcome to the world of real medicine, medicine that does no harm and is effective for practically all diseases and conditions and a wonderful natural medication that you now know how to produce yourself.

Best Wishes and Good Health,

Rick Simpson

Read more on hemp oil here.

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Genesis 1:29

Therefore no man or government has the authority to ban a natural plant that can heal.




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    1. Warning:
      There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

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      1. Dear Friends,

        I am posting this message to let people know that I am owed a refund of $2,000 USD by the man calling himself “Roland A. Duby” (also known as “Ronnie Smith”). The $2,000 USD he owes me was money I paid to Roland for hemp oil which I then returned to him for a refund. The money has been owed to me since the end of October 2012 and has yet to be received despite repeated promises to do so by Roland, including a public statement on the Facebook site “Cannabis Oil Success Stories” (COSS for short) saying that he would refund my money.

        Here’s the full story:

        I bought 60 grams of hemp oil from Roland for $2,000 USD around the middle of May 2012 and received the oil around the beginning of June 2012 by mail. While attempting to prepare diluted doses of the oil I noticed that it would not mix with the coconut oil that I was using to dilute it. The oil was packaged in five plastic syringes of approximately 12 grams each and I found by experimentation that the oil from four of the syringes would not dissolve in coconut oil but that the oil in those syringes would dissolve in tap water. The oil in the fifth syringe would dissolve in coconut oil and would not dissolve in tap water.

        I took photographs of a small sample of the oil being washed off my fingers under running water as well as photographs of small samples of the oil showing how it would not dissolve in coconut oil.

        Thereafter I sent a small sample of the oil to Aaron Taylor, who is well known on Cannabis Oil Success Stories (COSS for short). Aaron examined the oil as well and he concluded that the oil was faulty. I knew very little about hemp oil at the time but knew enough to realize that it should be soluble in oil and insoluble water, so needless to say I had no confidence in using Roland’s oil as a medicine for my health problems.

        After discussing the matter with Roland by email, he agreed that I could the return the oil to him and after receiving the oil back he would give me a refund of my cost plus shipping in both directions. The amount of oil he received back was no less than 58 grams. (A small amount of the oil had obviously been used up in testing its solubility as well as the small sample I had sent to Aaron Taylor.)

        Roland acknowledged by email that he had received the oil back on 29 June 2012.

        Two weeks then passed then passed with no refund and no word from Roland. On 13 July 2012, I emailed Roland and asked him when I would get my refund. He told me that he had people in the United Kingdom (where I live) ready to order from him and that he would have them send the money to me and then I could send the oil on to the new purchaser. I waited patiently but heard nothing more from Roland about the refund arrangements over the next 10 days.

        I emailed Roland again on 23 July 2012 and pointed out that 24 days had passed since he received the oil back and reminded him that he had promised me a refund of my $2,000 a week after he received the oil.

        He responded in a rather hostile manner. In that email he claimed that there was nothing wrong with the oil because he used it himself and found no problem with it. That was fair enough: So he has received the oil back, tested the oil himself and found there was nothing wrong with it. So if there was in fact nothing wrong with the oil, clearly he could have sold it to someone else and then returned my money to me! So why has he not sent me my money back?

        I then responded to Roland, on 23 July 2012, that I had noticed a post on Cannabis Oil Success Stories where he had offered to give 30 grams of oil to someone, at no charge! I sent Roland an email and said to him that if he could give away 30 grams to someone, he couldn’t be that hard up for money and asked him, “Are you going to give me a refund or not?”

        Roland responded on 24 July 2012 saying, “I will. but I do not know when I will be selling any oil. as soon as someone orders it, I will send the money to you and the oil to them.” So is Roland claiming that he hasn’t had enough people ordering oil from him since 24 July 2012 to resell the oil and return my money? He certainly gives the impression from his posts on COSS that he is actively in business.

        Roland had an exchange with Aaron Taylor regarding the matter on COSS, on or about 25 October 2012 and publicly stated that he would give me a refund. I emailed Roland and asked him when I was going to get my refund. He told me he would need my banking information and he would send the $2,000 directly to my account. I sent him my banking information by email on 26 October 2012 but I have yet to receive any of my money back.

        As I write we are well into 2013 and I have not had one single cent of my money returned to me despite the fact that I returned the oil to Roland and he has acknowledged having received the oil back on 29 June 2012 and he has my banking information to send my $2,000 back to me. I have emailed him several times lately, asking when I will receive the refund, and he ignores my emails.

        I do not believe that I will ever get the promised refund from Roland despite his promises and despite the fact that he received his oil back. If Roland was sincere about refunding my money he would at least try and send me $100 a month or something until I was repaid. I am a retired person living on a pension and savings and really cannot afford to lose $2,000. I was chronically ill since the beginning of March 2012 (about 10 months) and have only just returned to a fairly good state of health in January 2013. Being cheated out of $2,000 has caused me financial hardship and a lot of additional stress when I was already extremely stressed from being physically ill.

        Roland has repeatedly told me how “sorry” he is for the situation. That’s well and good but “sorry” doesn’t pay the bills. If you are so sorry then please give me my money back!

        I took photos of my unsuccessful attempts to mix the hemp oil with coconut oil as well as photos of the oil washing off my fingers under running water. I also keep all emails that I send or receive. If anyone wants to see the full evidence of the nature of Roland’s product and the way he deals with his customers I can send copies of the photos and the emails in which Roland acknowledges receiving the hemp oil back from me and promises me a refund.

        To receive all of the above evidence (the relevant emails and the photographs) send me an email at: RolandRonnieRisk@yahoo.com

        Please put the words “Roland Info” in the subject line and I will send you copies of the emails and the photos. Please note that certain information in the emails, such as addresses and bank account information, will be deleted in order to maintain privacy but the rest of the emails, including email addresses will be as originally written.

        Deal with Roland A. Duby (also known as Ronnie Smith) at your own risk!

        Mycroft Homes

        1. In my defense! I told Mycroft Holmes that I did not want to risk sending hash oil to Europe! He begged me and begged me until I said I would do it but I could not guarantee anything because it could be seized by customs and I could not replace it if that happened. I shipped him the oil and he received it and then he told me he did not need it and wanted to return it for a refund. I told him I would try to find someone in Europe to buy it! a week or so later he started complaining about the oil and saying it was not made right! then he mailed it back before I could find someone in Europe to buy it! The oil he returned to me was dilluted with something and was not the oil I sent to him in the beginning!
          I said NO REFUNDS and I MEANT NO REFUNDS! Sorry about your situation but I did not want to do it in the first place!

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