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Venus weather patterns reveal planet's surface

New research, based on data from ESA's Venus Express satellite, for the first time reveals how the weather patterns on Venus are directly connected to the surface topography of the planet. Results suggest the Venus' thick cloud cover could offer further...

July 30, 2016


Electric fields around Venus stripped its atmosphere of water components

Scientists using data obtained by ESA's Venus Express have discovered a strong electric field around the planet Venus. Venus' electric field is at least 5 - 10 times stronger than Earth's and it seems it played a crucial part in removing water components...

June 20, 2016


Venus now the first planet after Earth to get daily space weather reports

European Space Agency (ESA) announced today they have started issuing regular space weather reports for a spacecraft orbiting planet Venus. This is the first time since the exploration of Solar System has begun that a planet, other than Earth, gets a dedi

June 06, 2014

Venus Express_Venus ionosphere_MPS_410

The tail of Venus and the weak solar wind - when a planet behaves like a comet

Measurements obtained with ESA's Venus Express spacecraft have shed new light on the interaction between the solar wind and the second planet from the Sun. During a rare period of very low density solar outflow, the ionosphere of Venus was observed to become

September 19, 2013

venus ionosphere

Venus Express reveals new facts about Venus' ionosphere

On January 29, 2013, ESA revealed observations made by the spacecraft in August 2010, when it studied the effect of reduced solar wind on planet's ionosphere. Researchers found that planet’s ionosphere ballooned outward on the planet’s...

January 29, 2013

Venus Express

A day in the life of Venus

ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft orbited at 66 000 km above the Venus south pole and captured bright and dark cloud bands wind around the poles of Venus, staring down into the south polar vortex. Venus Express has been orbiting the planet since 2006. It carries seven

January 23, 2013