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Strong eruption of Mount Soputan in Sulawesi after deadly M7.5 earthquake and tsunami, Indonesia

Mount Soputan in North Sulawesi erupted early Wednesday, October 3, 2018, producing volcanic ash column up to 6.8 km (22 000 feet) above sea level. Authorities have increased the Alert Level from 2 to 3 (of 4), warning residents not to approach within 4 - 6.5 km...

October 03, 2018


High-level eruption of Soputan volcano, Indonesia

A high-level eruption occurred at Indonesian Soputan volcano (North Sulawesi) around 10:15 UTC on February 6, 2016. Aviation color code was set to Red. The peak of the volcano was not visible due to clouds and fog. According to the Darwin VAAC report issued 10:45...

February 06, 2016


Major eruption of Soputan volcano, Indonesia

Volcanic activity at Indonesian Mount Soputan is rapidly increasing with a new series of moderate to strong eruptions. On January 4, authorities raised the volcanic alert level from 2 to 3 (out of 4) and prohibited all activities within a radius of 4 km (2.5 miles)...

January 05, 2016


Mount Soputan erupts, volcanic ash up to 9.1 km, Indonesia

Indonesian Soputan volcano erupted at 09:09 UTC on March 7, 2015, PVMBG advised.Aviation Color Code was raised to Red.Volcanic ash was first estimated reaching an altitude of 3.6 km and drifting SW, but was later revised to 9.1 km based on MTSAT-2 IR satellite image.#So

March 07, 2015


New eruption of Mount Soputan, Indonesia

Indonesian Mount Soputan erupted at 03:38 UTC (11:38 local time) on January 18, 2015 producing ash plume which rose up to 5.5 km and drifted SW. Darwin VAAC raised the aviation color code to Red. Satupo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Data Information and Public Relations for BN

January 18, 2015


Strong eruption of Soputan volcano, Indonesia

Indonesian Soputan volcano erupted at 02:47 local time on January 6, 2015 (18:47 UTC on January 5), according to BNPB.A thick gray-black column of ash reached an estimated height of 6.5 km above the summit of the volcano and drifted ESE (approximately 8.2 km a.s.l.). La

January 06, 2015

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Volcanic activity at Mt. Soputan continues

Mount Soputan once again started spewing ash clouds in the air as it did on July 3. Volcanic ash reached 12 000 feet (3 700 meters). The density stays moderately dangerous for air traffic for approximately 100 km in a westerly direction, according to Darwin VAAC.The Ind

August 16, 2011