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Partial lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021 - the longest since 1440 and until 2669

A partial lunar eclipse, visible from the Americas, northern Europe, eastern Asia, Australia and the Pacific, will take place on Friday, November 19, 2021. The eclipse is followed by a total solar eclipse on December 4, 2021. The partial eclipse phase will last 3...

November 15, 2021

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Penumbral lunar eclipse of November 30, 2020

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on November 30, 2020, and be visible from Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Americas. This lunar eclipse is followed two weeks later by a total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. The instant of greatest eclipse...

November 28, 2020


Wolf Moon Eclipse 2020: First of this year's four penumbral lunar eclipses

Stargazers all over the world may want to look outside on Friday night, January 10, 2020, to get a glimpse of the Wolf Moon-- the first Full Moon of the year which will look different from those in previous months. The penumbral lunar eclipse will last for a little...

January 09, 2020

total lunar eclipse july 27 2018

Total lunar eclipse of July 27, the longest of 21st century

A total lunar eclipse will take place on July 27, 2018, and be visible throughout most of Europe, Africa, western and central Asia, the Indian Ocean and Western Australia. This will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting 1 hour and 43...

July 26, 2018

penumbral lunar eclipse of february 11 2017

Penumbral lunar eclipse of February 11, 2017

A very deep penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on February 11, 2017, with the greatest eclipse at 00:45 UTC. It will be visible throughout most of eastern South America, eastern Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Africa, and western Asia. Penumbral eclipses...

February 09, 2017


Penumbral lunar eclipse of September 16, 2016

The Sun, Earth and Moon will align in almost perfect line on September 16, 2016, treating observers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with a penumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will last 3 hours and 59 minutes and will be the last of three lunar eclipses in...

September 14, 2016


Understanding lunar eclipses

It's not often that we get a chance to see our planet's shadow, but a lunar eclipse gives us a fleeting glimpse. During these rare events, the full Moon rapidly darkens and then glows red. Though a lunar eclipse can be seen only at night, it's worth staying

April 08, 2014

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Penumbral lunar eclipse on November 28, 2012

On November 28, 2012 the moon will slide through the Earth’s pale outer shadow or penumbra, resulting in a penumbral lunar eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three celestial bodies do not form a perfectly

November 27, 2012


This November brings total solar eclipse and penumbral lunar eclipse

November brings us two eclipses in the month. Total solar eclipse will occur on November 13 and penumbral lunar eclipse on November 28, 2012. On November 13, residents of northeastern Australia will see the sun fully obscured by the moon, whose shadow will darken the

November 09, 2012