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Copahue enters a new phase of increased activity, Chile-Argentina

South American Copahue volcano has again entered a phase of increased activity. At least two moderately strong explosions were recorded at 10:52 and 16:49 UTC on October 11, 2014. Ash plumes reached maximum heights of 3 600 m. Intermittent incandescence from the crater

October 13, 2014


Copahue volcano alert level raised to orange, Chile

SERNAGEOMIN raised the alert level of Chilean Copahue volcano to orange on March 20 [still active] after an increase in seismic activity. A pulse of volcanic tremor was detected that could indicate magma moving into the volcano's plumbing system. On the

March 22, 2014

copahue 240513

Intense seismic swarm at Copahue volcano, Chile - Alert level raised to Red

Intense seismic swarm was recorded at Chile's Copahue volcano on May 26th with 356 low magnitude earthquakes related to magma movement per hour. Today, SERNAGEOMIN reported an average of 269 earthquakes per hour, with 6-8 seconds gap, and changed the

May 27, 2013


Increase in seismic activity at Copahue volcano, Chile - Alert level back to Orange

Chilean National Service of Geology and Mining - SERNAGEOMIN and its Volcano Observatory Southern Andes (OVDAS) raised the alert level of Copahue volcano from Yellow to Orange. The latest activity is compared to that of December 2012. In a report released

May 24, 2013

copahue volcano eruption

Copahue volcano under close observation - more explosions and presence of fresh magma

On Saturday, December 22, 2012 (21:43 local time) a strong harmonic tremor signal occurred at Copahue volcano, Chile-Argentina border. About 5 minutes later there were 2 explosions with loud noises reported. The raise in tremor and the explosions also correlated with

December 23, 2012


Large ash plume drifting from Copahue volcano, Chile/Argentina

Satellite image taken on November 22, 2012 shows a large ash plume drifting 110 KM SE from Copahue volcano on Chile-Argentina border. Ash fall has been reported in Loncopue village in Argentina, 50 KM SE of the volcano.It is apparently still a 'small' eruption, but

December 22, 2012