Farmers in California abandoning their fields, U.S.

Farmers in California abandoning their fields, U.S.

Farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley are abandoning their fields due to drought that resulted in water allotments cut by a third. Farmers in this region, reportedly the most productive agricultural region globally, grow 250 different crops on 17% of the irrigated land in the United States.

As of October 12, 2021, 100% of the state is in some form of drought, with 93% in Severe to Exceptional drought conditions, 87% in Extreme to Exceptional, and 45% in Exceptional drought, according to U.S. Drought Monitor.

"Our water supply has gotten even more limited. It's become less reliable and less predictable," said Joe Del Bosque, owner of Del Bosque Farms.1

Del Bosque said the drought, described by officials as megadrought, has forced him to change what he grows and how he operates his farm.

"We've always known that a lack of water is a potential hardship for our farm. But to get to the point where it completely stops the farm — we never thought that would happen," said Del Bosque.


1 Megadrought forcing farmers to abandon fields - WTVR

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david 1 month ago

is it going to affect the doughy ass charisma free polyester encrusted oompa loompa simpletons cruising through wallyworld with 60 lbs of halloween candy? no? then no one cares..

DawnieR 1 month ago

It's time for individuals to GROW UP, and live in the REAL WORLD!! For DECADES now, WEATHER MANIPULATION has been occurring to get people OFF OF THE LANDS. The 'LINES' in the SKY, commonly known as CHEM-trailing (aka GEO-ENGINEERING), is MOSTLY what is causing drought/floods. Again, 'the powers that be' HAVE BEEN messing with the weather, FOR DECADES! They did it during the Vietnam War, making it constantly POUR on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The last Olympics in China, they BRAGGED how they Geo-engineered 'nice weather' for it. If 'THEY' WANTED it to RAIN?......'THEY' would 'MAKE it rain'! 'THEY' do NOT want to! What 'THEY' want? for YOU to get OFF of 'THEIR LAND'! Time to GROW UP, CHILDREN!!!

Andre Hermans 1 month ago

California Rep. Tom McClintock has said for years, “droughts are naturally occurring, water shortages are man-made.” Environmental policies that threaten human food supplies.

Jerry West (@Andre Hermans) 1 month ago

Water shortages are man made because society is using too much water. Food supplies are threatened because there are too many people to feed, and feeding them all and meeting their other needs is driving society to extinction. Society has grown beyond the ability of the planet to sustainably support it at its current consumption levels. Politicians can not deal with this because everybody wants more rather than sustainability.

prioris (@Andre Hermans) 1 month ago

I don't know about the management of available water but high pressure system sitting off the coast of California divert rain storms hence more droughts. Droughts will likely be a problem on east coast during Eddy Minimum. Maybe on west coast too.

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