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One of the best-ever photos of a Gigantic Jet


Last week, Puerto Rican photographer Frankie Lucena recorded what is considered as one of the best-ever photos of a Gigantic Jet.

This Gigantic Jet plasma event occurred over a very powerful thunderstorm near the Virgin Islands and also near Tropical Storm "Peter" at 02:41 UTC on September 21.

"Lightning on Earth is getting weirder and weirder," said Dr. Tony Phillips of SpaceWeather.com.

"Indeed, this is one of the best-ever photos of a Gigantic Jet," Phillips said.

"Sometimes called 'Earth's tallest lightning,' because they reach the ionosphere more than 50 mi [80 km] high, the towering forms were discovered near Taiwan and Puerto Rico in 2001 – 2002. Since then, only dozens of Gigantic Jets have been photographed. They seem to love storms over water and are famous for surprising passengers onboard commercial aircraft."

"Frankie has photographed a rare Gigantic Jet with 'carrot' morphology, first reported by Su et al (2003)," said lightning researcher Oscar van der Velde of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. "The other, more common type of jet has a 'tree' morphology." 

Featured image credit: Frankie Lucerna


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  1. the earth is going throught the beginning of a magnetic pole shift. this has been predicted for years and regularly occurs in cycles throughout the entire history of the earth. it cannot be denied, nor can it be altered in any way shape or form by man’s actions, or opinions, or legislation. no carbon credits can alter this transformation. no march of sign carriers can affect it. this pole shift process involves earthquakes and volcanoes, lightning and cosmic rays. calling the pole shift process “climate change” or “global warming” is like a simpleton calling the sun a light in the sky. and yet we have every world leader spouting the inane speeches of simpletons.

  2. “Lightning on Earth is getting weirder and weirder,” THE REASON IS EXCLUSIVELY DUE TO, GLOBAL WARMING, JUST LIKE THE INCREASE OF VOLCANIC ERUPTION. if you don’t believe it, then you are climate denier

    1. Friend, *I believe* that some of “excess water” in the atmosphere “coming back” as rain, snow or hail and causing flood around the world, in the last years, is because of the brazilian project called “Transposição do Rio São Francisco” (“San Francisco River Transposition”). This project (officially…) has the goal to bring water to people of the semi-desert area of North East of Brazil. But, instead of using pipes and creating a “water network”, they are creating artificial river bed (“canais”/”channels”) and connecting existing rivers, dams, etc… And also creating new rivers and dams.
      Watch this video https://youtu.be/0Ou4MDE_wuc , https://youtu.be/xjIrjGHFFGs and this one https://youtu.be/FnC_doEjOL8  and see for yourself the magnitude of what they are doing. These 3 videos are interesting because the little river shown in the video is called “Riacho Seco” (“Dry Little River”), and, as its name says, this river was dry most of time, only receiving water when there are enough rain in the region.
      This is a project that started around 2k, and in the last years is finally becoming “usable” and “functioning”. The *big thing* is that, they are using “open channels”, rivers and dams, in a *HOT AREA* , where the Sun shines year round. This means that, the water evaporates more and more rapidly to the Atmosphere and them either falls back somewhere as rain, snow or hail…
      If you want to know more, search internet for “Transposição do Rio São Francisco” and/or watch the videos of these channels: https://youtube.com/channel/UCdx1NoKJ1cy9DNXQalLgHNw, https://youtube.com/channel/UC8uGXxSLIohFh3XkNT37fmw, https://youtube.com/c/LorimAventuras, https://youtube.com/c/FELINTOMotovlog , https://youtube.com/channel/UCHZnliu2Veef_9ItM-gan5Q .

      Friend, research about brazilian project “Projeto de Transposição do Rio São Francisco”, and you will see that it’s related with La Palma eruption and Guatemala’s eruption. *I believe* that too much water/weight on the North East of Brazil is sinking the continent some “milimeters/centimeters” and forcing the magma to outcrop on the surface, on the edge of tectonic plate. One of the reservoirs, for example, can hold +400 millions of m3 of water (and 1 m3 of water weights 1 ton).

    2. Hvae you seen Suspicious0bserver, or thunderbolts project. They’re on youtube.
      The universe is electric; we’re in a grand solar cycle, Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.
      Take a good care of your health.
      Thank you.

      1. Hello Eva, I know the theory of EU very well and I know all the leading advocates of the theory and they also know me and know my stand about the theory. THE ADVOCATES OF THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE ARE MISSING THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT THE SUN JUST LIKE MAINSTREAM SCIENTISTS. Yes, the Sun is externally powered and the electric mechanism plays an important role in the production of its energy. But, the advocates of the Electric Universe theory are missing the most fundamental facts about the Sun. First of all, the Sun is not an electric entity, but a condensed matter entity and nuclear reaction is taking place in it, just like all stars. Without nuclear reaction the formation of chemical elements is impossible. Stellar Nucleosynthesis is the process responsible for the creation of chemical elements by nuclear fusion reaction within stars, BUT NOT THERMONUCLEAR FUSION REACTIONS, RATHER CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR REACTION. Thus, it is absolutely wrong to assume that nuclear reaction does not take place in the Stars. It flies in the face of the most basic facts about stars

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