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Very powerful explosions of light detected in Earth’s atmosphere, possibly a new physical phenomenon


Russian Astro and Geophysics satellite named after 18th-century scientists Mikhail Lomonosov, also known as MVL-300, has reportedly detected a previously unknown physical phenomenon in the Earth's atmosphere.

This space-based observatory was launched in 2016 in an effort to study cosmic rays in the high-energy regime near the energetic spectrum cutoff, examine the characteristics of gamma-ray bursts in the universe, study Transient Luminous Effects in Earth’s atmosphere, and study Earth’s magnetosphere and near-Earth radiation environment using different detector systems.

According to Mikhail Panasyuk, the director of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Moscow State University who runs the Lomonosov Project, the observatory has encountered new physical phenomena. 

On several occasions, Lomonosov has detected very powerful 'explosions' of light, Panasyuk said. However, everything underneath them was clear.

"There were no storms and no clouds underneath them," Panasyuk said. "We do not yet know their physical nature." 

It is due to this absence of storms and clouds beneath why scientists believe this is previously undiscovered phenomena as other transient luminous events like sprites and elves all emanate from storms below.

Scientists have also eliminated ground explosions and missile/rocket launches as the cause of the phenomenon and are still analyzing the events.

It should be noted that this new physical phenomenon, or whatever these explosions of light are, was detected prior to June 30, 2018, when it was published that the satellite had suffered a malfunction in its data transmission system. As of 2019, the status of the satellite remains unknown.

Featured image: Lomonosov satellite


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  1. @Jamal Shrair: Your response is very over the top for the comment section. However, if Mikhail Panasyuk cannot explain it within “Current Physics” then neither can you. After Reading the last paragraph of the news article, I suspect Political Interference is more likely the cause of the satellite’s data transmission problems rather than any other. Further, I suspect your ambulance chasing presence & prostitution based comments here are in direct support of that kind of interference. Link: https://www.researchgate.net/project/SHRAIRFUSION-LTD


    The atmospheres of all the planets including our own are becoming more conductive than a few decades ago. I have explained the reason in previous posts that I wrote in the last seven years. In general, it is well known that the electrical conductivity of Earth’s atmosphere increases with altitude. The reason for this is that high altitude atmosphere is exposed to severe UV rays, which tear electrons apart from the air molecules. However, since the solar system has shifted to a higher energy region more energetic particles are penetrating the Earth’s magnetic shield. For instance, on 8 May 2004, one of the two Double Star satellites (TC-1) and all four Cluster spacecraft found themselves in the firing line. For about 6 hours, the Cluster spacecraft were buffeted every 8 minutes by intense flows of electrically charged particles released by the Sun. The Double Star TC-1 spacecraft had it even rougher, being blasted every four minutes for eight hours. During such events, magnetic channels created by the merging of the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields allow solar particles to break through the Earth’s magnetic shield and penetrate the Earth’s environment. Moreover, lightning on Earth is triggered by high energy particles. Those high energy particles can be cosmic rays from deep space or energetic particles from the Sun. And, it does not come as a surprise to me, why lightning strikes has increased enormously in recent years ‘Mother of all thunderstorms’ delivers up to 20,000 lightning strikes – as Stansted fuel system hit https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/27/mother-thunderstorms-lights-skies-london/ When gravity will be understood and revised, the basic physics facts about our planet and star will be revealed. Consequently, all physical phenomena related to them can be easily explained

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