'Icebergs' float through flooded roads after unprecedented hailstorm hits Gyumri, Armenia

'Icebergs' float through flooded roads after unprecedented hailstorm hits Gyumri, Armenia

A severe hailstorm struck Gyumri City in Armenia on Monday, July 13, 2020, turning roads into an 'Arctic waterway' with big chunks of ice floating through the city. The amount of rain that fell in less than 1 hour is equivalent to the city's entire July average. A local meteorologist said the event was unprecedented.

A local named Naira Grigorian, who manages a tour company in the city, said the downpour started around 12:00 UTC (16:00 LT) on Monday.

It took only minutes for houses to be inundated with what she described as an 'icy ocean,' as hail turned into clumps of ice and floated on floodwater.

Many vehicles were stranded, forcing authorities to use a boat to rescue drivers.

"People online couldn’t believe the images were real," said Grigorian, as images and videos of the inundated areas made rounds on social media.

Although hail during summer is relatively common in the city, a local meteorologist said the storm was unprecedented.

No injuries were reported, but the flood carried ice into some houses.

About 80 mm (3.1 inches) of rain and hail fell in less than an hour, which was equivalent to the average for the entire month of July.

Municipal workers began clearing operations on July 14.

Featured image credit: Hovo Hannisyan


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Babu.T Thomas 1 year ago

Unprecedented incidents are happening around the globe on regular basis. There are pandemic everywhere, floods, earth quakes, locusts and many other unhealthy events against humanity is growing fast and spoiling goodness of living. Its time to realise the real factor forcing us all to face the music. We are not suppose to take it easy and going easy. The calamity is to caution us turn back to the creator our God to confess and reconcile our relationship is the matter of fact. Our life style corrupted our mother earth needs to revamp on its own. No more delay which may cause heavy loss to us. Our prayers to those affected and we know the pain each one is undergoing when the routine get struck. We wish all to back to normalcy soon and wish you all to lead a very happy life in the days to come. Good luck and God bless you all.

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