Floods in the desert: Brutal flash floods hit Saudi Arabia

Floods in the desert: Brutal flash floods hit Saudi Arabia

Heavy rainfall and devastating floods, wreaking havoc across Saudi Arabia since November 10 continued into December. The rains have so far left more than 30 people dead, disrupted traffic and forced evacuation of at least 4 000 people. Authorities are urging residents to take utmost precaution and to stay away from valleys and reefs during heavy rain or flash floods.

Further torrential rain was forecast for several regions of the Kingdom, including Tabuk, Madinah and its coastal areas, Al-Jouf, the Northern Border Region and Hail, the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection warned Friday, November 30, 2018. Thunderstorms were also expected in the Makkah area, including its coastal areas, as well as in the southwestern highlands.

Maj. Abdulaziz bin Farhan Al-Shammari, a civil defense spokesman in Tabuk, said they were working on clearing recent floodwaters in inundated areas, valleys and coastlines throughout the province.

Al-Shammari warned of the dangers of floods and rain, stressing the need for citizens and residents to cooperate and follow the warnings issued by the civil defense.

On the same day, brutal flash flooding hit Yabu al-Bahr, a major Red Sea port in the Al Madinah Province of western Saudi Arabia:

The same storm was responsible for triggering flooding rain in Bodrum, Turkey on November 29.

"The city is currently experiencing a historical disaster," Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said at the time, adding that citizens were warned in advance of the heavy rain risk. "It was like a monsoon rain. There are a lot of floods, there is a great disaster around city center," he said.

The following video was recorded last month in northern Saudi Arabia:

Featured image: Flash flooding in Yabu, Madinah on November 30, 2018. Credit: Maycol Checchinato


merle 2 years ago

Notre planète est en cours d'être affecté de plus en plus par les noyaux stellaires du système planète x qui ont envahis notre système solaire
depuis des milliers d'années, ces objets ont d'énormes nuages de débris autour d'eux. Et ces débris pénètre dans l'atmosphère et crée des nuages
luminescents et absorbe l'énergie de la terre puisant de la chaleur du noyau de la terre.Ces objets qui ont envahi le soleil sont en train de le faire
faire mourir,il est déjà devenu sombre car il perd son n'énergie.Les pouvoirs en place sont au courant depuis 1995 que le soleil est en déclin
rapide.Ces débris de poussière pénètre de plus en plus dans l'atmosphère de la terre faisant baisser la température de notre atmosphère alors
que plusieurs rapports ont été fait concernant l'arrivée d'une mini période glaciaire au cours des dernières semaines. Il est probable que de plus en plus
de régions sur la terre soit affecté par une forte et soudaine chute de la température. La terre étant de plus en plus impactée par ces nuages de débris.

Kenneth cash 2 years ago

And if I keep poring water into a cup WILL it not also overflow?

Russell 2 years ago

Just because the skys nowadays are dark with sute and ash doesn't mean that heat is getting trapped in and yes, also just because all snow capped mountains and all glaciers are videoed at melting faster and faster each year doesn't mean the sea is going to rise,,,,,,

Kenneth cash 2 years ago

You who say you worship God but hold back GOOD from the poor, are now being mad to be poor yourselfs and the poor who waited and trusted in God will see HIS land.

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