Waves of mysterious sonic booms shake ground, shatter windows in Iasi, Romania

Waves of mysterious sonic booms shake ground, shatter windows in Iasi, Romania

Two waves of very loud explosions were heard in and around the Romanian city of Iasi around 10:30 UTC (13:30 local time) on June 1, 2016.  Witnesses say that sonic booms were heard in a diameter of 50 - 75 km (31 to 46 miles) around Iasi, shattering windows and shaking the ground two times within 15 minutes.

Although there are no official explanations as of yet, reports we received describe the event as similar to the February 2013 meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, injuring more than 1 000 people and damaging more than 3 000 structures.

Our reader from Iasi said: "It felt like a group of waves, that hit one after the other. Some glass was broken in apartments, the furniture was shaken, but it was not a simple earthquake, and the sound was identical to a sonic boom and very very similar to this (Russia Meteor sound shockwave). The weather was very cloudy, so I can't tell if there was any smoke or trace of anything. 15 minutes after the first wave there was another. It was less powerful, but it lasted longer, for about 5 minutes. After the bang, lights from the house and the TV turned themselves off and came back on after a few seconds."

"No one knows what happened, but a lot of people heard and felt it, from the center of the city to the areas located some 50 or 75 km from the center. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any news about craters found or recordings of the event yet. There are some photos of shattered glass, and one local mall was affected, but officials either keep quiet or they answer it wasn't them."

According to Marius Bodea, the director of Iasi airport, a sonic boom was heard, but there were no aircraft in the area capable of producing this noise. "Airlines told us they had no problems. The only military aircraft that flew over the airport this afternoon was not supersonic," Bodea said.

Gina Tiron, head of the Moldova Weather Center, said there were no reports of weather phenomena that would be capable of producing the boom. Representatives of the Romanian 15th Mechanized Brigade said they had no ongoing military exercise.

If you witnessed this event, have any information, pictures, videos, etc., please contact us.


Not long after we published the article, this report came in from Iasi:

"I was studying when the sound was produced. Here, from my place in the Nicolina district, not far from the city center it was like a big foil of metal falling on the ground. It was very noisy and disturbing. I didn`t pay attention at first, but now, seeing the news on every website it makes me wonder. Why is nobody able to explain it?"

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masterat0r 2 years ago

It happened again today, 9th July around 2 pm (local Time). Anti-hail projectiles or possible meteorite blast into the atmosphere are the hypotheses for the moment. We'll be watching the local newd.

sights (@masterat0r) 2 years ago

The 9 July boom it was so loud that I thought it was a huge explosion nearby and a powerful shock wave hit me seconds after, outside, near city center. The 2016 boom it was exactly the same, felt it like 30 km away from Iasi, and yet no one is giving any legit explanation for these.

andrei 5 years ago

Would have been nice if you had added sources. What I'm finding extremely odd is that noone's talking about the one that happened in the 9th of June, the second one. I heard both and again what I find odd is that people keep associating this with the trumpet sounds in those other videos. It wasn't a trumpet sound, it was one short loud boom.

Meteorescu 5 years ago

There was a second similar event, yesterday, 9th of june, around 16:30. Same area. Any lead on that?

wendy 5 years ago

I believe they are drilling underground, it requires explosives. Where? To water is my guess. Water is the new gold.

DatDabsters 5 years ago

Wow! What if all our conspiracy theories are true? I was just reading a crazy discussion on helpmebro http://helpmebro.com/posts/ucjV5iW9dI

Madalina 5 years ago

Perhaps could be related with the plane SMURD crash in Moldavia.

ccc 5 years ago

Same as this maybe: http://www.12news.com/news/local/arizona/nasa-fireball-was-likely-10-foot-asteroid/228043718

Randy 5 years ago

The second coming of Vlad Tepes is upon us!

Rejoice! For he will deliver us from the Ottomans once more!!

Josh 5 years ago

I don't think someone will let u know about what's happening on that day, simply they don't know! What's the incompetence synonym?

Sabin 5 years ago

Apparently, both local Weather authorities in Iasi and Moldavia (which is up North) are denying using anti-hail projectiles. No military excercises nearby, either. Probably a meteor. Since Wednesday, it has been raining almost non-stop. Flooding all over the region.

U.S Navy 5 years ago

Two balistic missile was launched from Black Sea with a small charge off nuclear warhead to test the Deveselu anti nuclear missile Aegis system. First missile was self destruct remotely because off Aegis error and second was hit by Deveselu Aegis missile at 120 km altitude

Andreescu (@U.S Navy) 5 years ago

Do you have any proof to backup that claim ? Where did you get that info from ?

Savin 5 years ago

It was an "anti-hail projectile" that has detonated too close to the ground. Nothing more.

Bogdan Ghiorghiu (@Savin) 5 years ago

That hypothesis was officially dismissed by both of the institutions responsible with launching anti-hail projectiles. Not only did they say no such missiles were launched that day, but they added that none of the missiles make such a powerful noise on detonation.

Andreescu (@Savin) 5 years ago

A antihail sora not explode on a 50-70km area and shatteres glass while making building tremble nor do they produce consecutive waves or sonic booms like that. And both Roumainian and Moldavian authorities negated any anti hail was launched that day

Teo Blašković (@Savin) 5 years ago

And it happened two times within 15 minutes?

Joe Lyman 5 years ago

I was awakened this morning at 4am MST, Lakeside AZ, but a huge boom that shook the house. It sounded like a hollow metallic explosion. Our local news is reporting it as "space junk" falling. It felt like something exploded outside.


asdfbla (@Joe Lyman) 5 years ago

your link is not working and also why did you post this here?

Andreescu 5 years ago

I wonder why authorities stay quiet and there are so few reports about this

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