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10 must-see videos of Wray, Colorado tornado – May 7, 2016


A series of tornadoes hit eastern Colorado on Saturday, May 7, 2016. One of them touched down at the north edge of the City of Wray around 18:00 local time, causing minor injuries to five people and significant damage to four structures.

According to Yuma County Sheriff Chad Day, Wray tornado followed a path about 800 m wide (half a mile) and 9.6 km long (6 miles) along Highway 385, beginning from County Road 37 to County Road 42, where it began curving to the northeast.

Yuma County first responders were still assessing damage and did not have a total on buildings or other damage as of midday Sunday, May 8. Deputies with the Sheriff's Office conducted overnight security for the business and residences that were destroyed. 

Another twister touched down around 15:00 local time near Wiggins in Morgan County. Authorities said some damage was reported in the town of Orchard.

We are very glad no serious injuries happened as a result.

That said, we'd like to present you 10 must-see 2016 Wray tornado videos gathered by our new website, Stormwall.ORG, dedicated exclusively to videos recorded by storm chasers.

As one of the storm chasers said, Wray tornado was the most photogenic tornado of the year so far! See it for yourself:

Video courtesy AccuWeather

Video courtesy AccuWeather / ReedTimmer

Video courtesy Project: Chase360

Video courtesy Basehunters Chasing

Video courtesy Project: Chase360

Video courtesy Rapid Rotation Storm Chasers

Video courtesy Tornado Trackers

Video courtesy StormChasingVideo

Video courtesy SVLMedia LLC / Josh Alecci

Video courtesy Freenewsau

As of 21:00 UTC on May 8, there are more than 30 videos of Wray tornado on Stormwall. Check them all out, here.

Most of the Stormwall videos are added automatically and are shared on app's Twitter profile.

Featured image: Wray, Colorado tornado on May 7, 2016. Credit: AccuWeather / ReedTimmer


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  1. Watching this incredible set of videos; various words come to mind,awe-inspiring,majestic,& viscerally-terrifying…,all at the same time.I think that I can understand the fascination that storm chasers must have in pursuing these storms,sometimes driving for days;hundreds of miles…,for an atmospheric phenomenon that usually lasts only minutes!Maybe its the easiest way to observe the
    “workings of the Almighty in the heavens?!”

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