Brutal scenes in Madrid - Police clashes with tens of thousands gathered in protests

Brutal scenes in Madrid - Police clashes with tens of thousands gathered in protests

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at activists who gathered in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune on September 25, 2012 to protest Spanish austerity measures. What was suppose to be a peaceful protest soon became a fierce clash. Local media reported that by 20:00 UTC 22 people were arrested and 14 were injured. One of the wounded is believed to be in critical condition and one of the injured policemen suffered a severe concussion. Reports so far mention tens of thousands protesters.

The clash broke out as protesters tried to tear down metal barriers set to block access to the parliament building from every possible direction. The demonstrators pledged to march around the building, and called for new elections. Protest is still ongoing. Watch it live here. Background information and the manifesto can be found here.

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Gordian Knot 8 years ago

The dominoes continue to fall from country-to-country as young and old generations struggle to cope with austerity measures imposed by their government(s). Those that have the means to transfer wealth out their perspective country have done so by now as robbing under the guise of public funds/taxes continues to corrosively eat away at the social fabric of their society. Acts of moral turpitude from their leaders will continue only to save themselves in the end. This pathological behavior is all around us no matter the country you call home. To be continued as the violence ratchets up . . .

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