M1.4 solar flare and new large sunspot group

M1.4 solar flare and new large sunspot group

A low-level M-Class flare reaching M1.4 just took place around Sunspot 1476 at 13:23 UTC. Solar winds flowing from coronal holes should reach Earth on May 9-10.

A new and fairly large Sunspot continues to rotate into view off the northeast limb. This region has produced numerous C-Class flares thus far, the largest of which being a C6.8 flare at 09:34 UTC Saturday morning. The emergence of this apparently significant active region could herald an increase in solar activity.


Solar wind
speed: 304.5 km/sec
density: 2.0 protons/cm3

The Radio Sun
10.7 cm flux: 114 sfu

Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal: 6.0 nT
Bz: 4.7 nT north

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Fumb duck 8 years ago

Take a look at this pic :)). http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/latest/f_211_193_171pfss.jpg sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov

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