Strong M6.7 solar flare erupts from emerging region on SE limb

m6.7 solar flare march 18 2024 aia 304 f

A strong solar flare measuring M6.7 erupted from a new region emerging on the SE limb (AR 3615) at 19:19 UTC on March 18, 2024. The event started at 19:02 UTC and ended at 19:28 UTC.

There were no radio signatures detected at the time of press that would suggest a coronal mass ejection (CME) was produced. Even if it was, the location of this region does not favor Earth-directed CMEs. This will change in the days ahead as the region moves into a geoeffective position.

Radio signatures were forecast to be most degraded over SW United States, Central America and far NW South Africa at the time of the flare.

goes-x-ray-flux-1-minute 3 days to march 18 2024 m6.7 solar flare
suvi 131 1917 utc m6.7 solar flare march 18 2024
drap m6.7 solar flare march 18 2024
sunspots on march 18 2024
Sunspots on March 18, 2024. Credit: NASA SDO/HMI

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