Another level M-Class flare

Another level M-Class flare

Another low level M-Class flare, this time raching M1.3 took place at 13:00 UTC Friday morning. The source of this flare was Sunspot 1319 which is approaching the western limb.

Space Weather Prediction Center has just released a new page and tool to help predict possible geomagnetic storming. Click HERE to check it out. I will be adding a permanent link to the website soon.

The prediction of geomagnetic storms just got a whole lot better, thanks to the WSA-Enlil space weather model now running on  NOAA supercomputers.  The WSA-Enlil model helps SWPC narrow forecasts of storm arrival times from a 30-hour window down to a 12-hour window. "Ambient" model runs, which do not include coronal mass ejections (CMEs), are run every two hours - results are here. When a CME threatens, the model is run in a different mode and the most recent results are here (This page currently features a series of CME’s that erupted Oct 1.


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