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Sailing stones of Death Valley mystery solved

Sailing stones, also called sliding rocks and moving rocks, refer to a geological phenomenon where rocks move and inscribe long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. The engraved trails of rocks on the nearly flat,

August 29, 2014


Scientists from SCRIPPS step closer to identify hot spots that trigger earthquakes

Scientists are on the track of  how average-sized earthquakes may evolve into massive earthquakes. Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego have created a device to discover how fault zones weaken in select

September 02, 2012

bering sea 02

Arctic's spring phytoplankton blooms arrive earlier

When summer comes to the Arctic, the tiny plants that feed the ocean's food chain form green blooms in the water. In some Arctic waters, the peak of this bloom has been arriving earlier every year since 1997, a study has found. These areas, where peak bloom

March 08, 2011