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Nevado del Ruiz eruption closes Manizales airport, Colombia

Seismicity under Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz continues at elevated levels, and the volcano is experiencing frequent ash emissions since May 17, 2016. An eruption at about 10:40 UTC on May 22 sent ash 2.3 km (7 545 feet) above the crater (7.5 km / 24 606 feet...

May 23, 2016


Eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano sends ash up to 9.1 km a.s.l., Colombia

A moderately strong explosion occurred at Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Colombia at around 13:04 UTC on March 31, 2016. According to Washington VAAC, volcanic ash emission is reaching 9.1 km (30 000 feet) a.s.l. and is moving NW at 9 to 18 km/h (5.7 to 11.5 mph) and SW...

March 31, 2016


Increased volcanic activity worldwide in late January 2013

Kamchatka's volcanoes continued with ongoing eruptions. KVERT reports that there are currently seven active volcanoes (orange alert) - Kizimen, Karymski, Shiveluch and Plosky Tolbachik at orange level and Bezymianny, Gorely and Klyuchevskoy at yellow level....

January 23, 2013


Eruption of Colombian Nevado del Ruiz volcano likely within days or weeks

Nevado del Ruiz volcano, infamous for its deadly lahars, sprang to life in March 2012. Located in the Colombian Andes, the volcano was frequently active during the past 1,000 years, most recently in 2010. Observers first reported earthquakes near the volcano,

June 09, 2012

nevado del ruiz march 27 2012

Colombian volcano Nevado del Ruiz on orange alert after Tuesday morning earthquake

Colombian volcanologists indicated that the likelihood of an eruption at the Nevado del Ruiz volcano has increased, after an earthquake Tuesday morning in cental Colombia.Local authorities have raised the alert level from yellow to orange following a report issued by

May 29, 2012

Nevado Del Ruiz March 9 2012

Areas downstream of Nevado del Ruiz on preventive Red alert

Authorities declared a red alert in areas downstream the central Colombia Nevado del Ruiz volcano Sunday amid growing concerns an eruption is imminent.According to Colombia's meteorological institute IDEAM, the highest alert was justified "for the rivers close to the

April 09, 2012

nevado del ruiz

Significant increase in activity of Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia

Nevado del Ruiz seems to be getting closer to a new eruption. INGEOMINAS reports that during the last week, there has been a significant increase in the activity of the volcano, which can be summarized as follows:- From March 27, there have been phases of volcanic

April 03, 2012


Unrest at Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia

If you head over to the Colombian Survey, INGEOMINAS, you can find updates and statuses for all the major Colombian volcanoes. These include the well-known ones like Galeras and Ruiz, but also lesser known but no less interesting/hazardous like Huila or

September 13, 2011