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What is happening with solar observing instruments right now?!

While trying to access SOHO's coronograph data we noticed that the latest LASCO C2 image is updated on August 18 at 13:36 and LASCO C3 at 13:30. Also, SOHO's EIT 304 latest image is from August 17 at 13:19, EIT 195 is from August 16 at 13:13 while EIT 171 and 284 show

August 19, 2012


Note for Solarwatchers: SOHO EIT is in "the keyhole"

We recieve lots of questions from our readers considering SOHO EIT data. SOHO's near-real time images from EIT instruments stop uploading in January 6, however there is nothing wrong with SOHO instruments  because EIT is in a telemetry keyhole. The lack of fresh

January 12, 2012


Another M-class solar flare

A second M-Class flare, this time a M2.5 took place at 03:54 UTC Tuesday morning around Sunspot 1263. This is in addition to the earlier M3.5 flare which we reported yesterday. The first flare produced a small, but fast moving (2010 km/s) Coronal Mass Ejection...

August 09, 2011