Spectacular tornado touches down in Aragon, Spain


Residents of Teruel Province in Aragon, Spain, were treated to a spectacular sight as a tornado touched down around 21:00 UTC (19:00 LT) on Friday, June 4, 2021. The twister did not cause any significant damage, but drivers along the road near the whirlwind said they felt the force of the wind against their cars.

The tornado occurred along the A-23 highway near the town of Caude.

The phenomenon, which is not an unusual occurrence in the country, made rounds on social media, with people describing how the twister reached a great height and seemed to be connected with a huge cloud covering the region.

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Santiago Gonzalvo, the mayor of Caude, expressed how thankful he was that the whirlwind did not enter further into the town.

He was observing the phenomenon from his garden when it occurred. Gonzalvo said he believed it came from the direction nearby Concud.

The Civil Defense said that despite the tornado's close proximity to the highway, no significant damage was reported.

However, motorists reported feeling the strong wind against their cars.

According to local media, the tornado formed moments before the region was struck by a severe storm accompanied by hail.

Featured image credit: Yolanda Muñoz


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