State of emergency declared as highest tide in 50 years submerges 85 percent of Venice, Italy

State of emergency declared as highest tide in 50 years submerges 85 percent of Venice, Italy

A state of emergency has been declared in Venice after chaotic high tides ripped through the city, submerging almost 85% of land on Tuesday evening, November 12, 2019. The water level has reached up to 1.87 m (6.1 feet) which is the highest in 50 years and the second-highest on record, according to the city's forecast office. Two fatalities have been reported. Another surge of "aqua alta" or high waters is expected to cause further devastation on Wednesday, November 13.

Authorities confirmed that part of the 85% of the flooded areas is the historic basilica, which was hit for the sixth time in 1 200 years, as well as many of its squares and alleyways. One of the areas that have been hit the hardest was St. Mark's Square, which is in a low-lying part of the city.

Italian newspaper La Stampa reported two fatalities - one elderly man was electrocuted after floods swept through his home on the island of Pellestrina, while another man was found lifeless in his home.

The last time the tide had been higher, reaching 1.94 m (6.3 feet), was in 1966 - official records started in 1923, the tide monitoring center said.

The city of Venice is made up of more than 100 islands inside a lagoon off the north-east coast of Italy.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said the flood levels represented "a wound that will leave indelible signs," and the cost of the damage would be very high. "We ask the government to help us. This is the result of climate change."

Furthermore, Brugnaro warned that a project to help prevent the Venetian lagoon, suffering from devastating floods, must be finished as soon as possible.

The mayor also urged local businesses to help by sharing photos and video footage of the devastation, which he said would be useful when asking financial support from the government.

A number of businesses have been badly affected - chairs, tables, and objects were seen floating outside cafes and restaurants. Some employees tried to save their stocks from the waters to prevent further damage. One shopkeeper told a broadcaster, "the city is on its knees." Governor Luca Zaia of the Veneto region went on to describe the situation, saying it was a scene of "apocalyptic devastation."

According to Mediterranean Cyclone Centre, the high tides are associated with Cyclone "Victoria", which was located west of Sardinia, Italy on November 11. The storm is expected to batter areas near the Mediterranean Sea including Greece, Tunisia, Croatia, and Albania.

Furthermore, the agency reported on November 12 that the storm was barrelling towards Italy with winds of 105 km/h (65 mph), with gusts of 120 km/h (75 mph).

Featured image credit: Luigi Brugnaro


Observer 1 year ago

I find it extremely interesting the fact that most of those people who are really observant of global cllimate phenomenons and spend lots of time to investigate and read about it, are the ones who firmly oppose to the new media wave of global warming -ohh sorry, it sounds so ridiculous now that we are gonna say 'climate change' from now- . The global media establishment seems so desperate in establishing this agenda that it has become too much evident by now. The wolrd went through climate cycles since the begining of times, and it will keep doing it until the end of times... calm down people, please.

Adam 1 year ago

"The last time the tide had been higher, reaching 1.94 m (6.3 feet), was in 1966 - official records started in 1923, the tide monitoring center said." So...this is the result of "Climate change" but this kind of flooding has happened in the past. So... Climate changed in the past, or the person claiming this is full of crap. I agree that the planet is changing, but to claim this is the result of x or y with only the pressure of current belief behind you simply makes you look bad. In almost every case, where low lying or below sea level cities are built, there is flooding. I have to wonder how many times over the last 1000 years Venice has flooded.I'm betting its a whole lot more than just this and the 1966 times. This isn't proof of climate change so much as a lesson to be learned in building at or below sea level.

goldminor (@Adam) 1 year ago

The cycles of the Moon are the most likely culprit for causing the above average flooding. The moon has multiple patterns, both short and long cyclic patterns. Then there is the not well understood gravitational component where a region of the oceans will have elevated levels for a period of decades, which will eventually subside while another region of the oceans rises.

Gator 1 year ago

This is not the result of climate change you idiots! You state in your article that the tides got this high in 1966! Here is some truth for you.... the earth has natural cycles that it goes through! Climate undergoes changes all on it's own it isn't a result of cows farting or any man made issue! Volcanoes do much more severe damage and have an extremely high impact on the environment than we would for the most part! Now the ignorant actions of our lovely corrupt governments and their nuclear testing and whatever else is capable of having severe impact on our environment and climate! You all sound like the little chicken that cried the sky is falling!

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