UK's warmest winter day on record

UK's warmest winter day on record

With three sites exceeding 20 °C (68 °F) on February 25, the United Kingdom has officially recorded its warmest winter day on record, the UK Met Office reports.

The highest temperature was recorded at Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, Wales at 20.6 °C (69.08 °F), breaking the previous February record for the country set in Greenwich in 1988 at 19.7 °C (67.46 °F). The temperature was reached just after 13:00 local time, the Office said.

February 25 was also the first time that a temperature of over 20 °C (68 °F) was recorded during winter.

Bala, Gwynedd was the coldest spot in Wales on February 25 with -2.3 °C (27.8 °F) but it reached 20 °C (68 °F) during the day, making a diurnal range of over 22 °C (39.6 °F).

"Yesterdays pattern indicated a very intense upper ridge, centered over the British Isles and the North Sea where strong subsidence within the ridge is resulting in incredibly warm airmass for the end of February," Severe Weather Europe meteorologists said. "The airmass is 10 - 15 °C (18 - 27 °F) warmer than average!"

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Unseasonably warm temperatures will continue over the coming days.


Key Gardens has reached 21.2 °C (70.16 °F) on February 26, which is the UK's new maximum temperature record for February, winter and the year so far.

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