Peak food as modern agriculture fails

Peak food as modern agriculture fails

In the following video presentation, Christian Westbrook, also known as the Ice Age Farmer, talks about huge agricultural losses caused by severe weather and suggests that we are now hitting peak food.

"There will never be more food available at such low prices than right now," Cristian said, calling out peak food, right now.

His video presentation is just over 20 minutes. That's just about enough time to have your cup of tea or coffee while listening why he thinks we are hitting peak food, where do we go from here and what do we do about it.

Video courtesy Ice Age Farmer


Juliane Adams 3 years ago

There is this eye-opening documentary movie called "Chasing Ice". Get it from Your local library, or have them order it for You through "Inter-Library Loan". James Blalog (or Balog?) does a superb job of having put cameras in different places of the world on glaciers to document the melting ice, from the Antarctic to Iceland , Alaska and I think Himalayas. Nobody can stop it, because it is all in progress. It is caused by man's over-indulgence on the oil-industry. You will most likely not hear this on TV, because it is not a popular subject, which would encourage us to change habits of how much gasoline gives off greenhouse gases. I am 65 years old and the weather has changed dramaticly at this ever increasing rate, due to rising ocean levels because of the melting of ice. For example: A village in Alaska had to move because the melting permafrost affected the houses and they were not stable as they used to be on the ground. I keep having this thought: If Noah were alive today, he would move to higher ground and build solar powered greenhouses (with wood heat backup) and preach saving seeds (heirloom kind) and growing food. He would plow with horses like the Amish. If anything major ever happened to the oil-industry big agribusiness would be sunk. Now is the time to learn how to grow food. It should be taught in detail in public schools. My first school in Germany, that I attended as a kid, had a garden in the back to teach gardening to the older kids. -Juliane

Thomas Prentice, Ph.D. 3 years ago

Julius Thijssen 3 years ago

It's interesting to see the influence of crop failures on food prices, and Christian's advice to grow your own food is always good, but he relates it to 'a grand solar minimum' which is, I'm sorry to say, just total hogwash, especially when he correlates the effects to previous solar minimums, which had entirely different factors playing their part, most completely unrelated to the Sun. This has already been researched extensively; That 'Maunder minimum' is not of importance, if we even reach its peak low, as a species. The main cause for crop failures is not solar radiance related, but pure extreme weather and climatic shift (biosphere collapse) related. Which is, in turn, mostly sourced in decreasing pole-equator temperature differences. Screwing up jet streams, screwing up weather, causing global energy displacement galore and changes so fast that no ecosystem can adapt in time. Thus far, the main source of all these problems are greenhouse gases and other pollutants emitted by humanity. I know humans prefer to omit that guilt trip, but it doesn't make the data go away. We have caused this, not the Sun, not natural cycles.
I'm also somewhat put off by his Ice Age Farmer nick. The only way an ice age would come about is by nuclear war. Not by a few volcanoes erupting. This too has been extensively researched already. And most importantly: The planet is not cooling. Not by a long shot.

Jane (@Julius Thijssen) 3 years ago

Julius, it is also another star system that has entered ours, and it brought a lot of friends. It seems there are dwarfstars around our Sun, draining it's energy. It seems the weather on Jupiter and all the other planets in our system has changed too. That is not over our polution. It is called Planet X, and that was in the news in the 1980ties. You can find a lot over Nibiru/Nemesis. Ms. Claudia Albers is a physicist that tries to explain a lot. (Her male companion Planet X News is not for me). Skywatch Media News explains alot. And there are many others. We don't agree on all things, since the truth is hidden from us, and we have to figure things out ourselfs. But, I have seen orbs in the sky with my own eyes, before I even heard of Nibiru, so I am convinced there is other orbs around. There is also a sun simulator, Jeff P. shows a lot about that. Be aware of drama and huge ego's. And nobody can give us the day, even if they slap us in the face with new dates over and over. It is a thing that is already happening for some years now, and it is going worse and worse, as they come closer to us. I just try to enjoy the time I have left, and use it wisely. Like, I stored as much food as I can, so I don't have to starve to death any time soon. :) I found peace with all, and I hope you and everybody else can too.

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