Impressive video of a large tornado forming very close to people, Argentina

Impressive video of a large tornado forming very close to people, Argentina

A very large tornado formed Friday, December 8, 2017, in Buenos Aires province of Argentina just few hundred meters away from two farmers. The twister swept through several towns with winds between 130 and 200 km/h (80 - 125 mph), destroying everything in its path.

The tornado formed near Fulton in a field where a father and son, Darío and Facundo Serrano, worked. They took the following video of their escape:

"It's not visible in the video, but the tornado reached just 300 m (985 feet) from us and it did not define its direction. The cloud was 4 - 5 km (2.5 - 3.1 miles) wide and we changed direction 2 or 3 times," Facundo and Darío explained.

According to local media reports, the tornado also passed through the towns of La Dulce, Lobería, Ayacucho and Balcarce, in the province of Buenos Aires, destroying everything in its path.

The following videos show the same tornado:

There are no reports of injuries but the damage it produced is substantial.

Northeastern Argentina, along with southern Brazil, Uruguay and southeastern Paraguay belong to a region which gets the most tornadoes after the United States, and the part of the southern Canadian plains.

Featured image: Tornado in Buenos Aires province, Argentina on December 8, 2017. Credit: Facundo and Darío Serrano


Luiz Miranda 3 years ago

En mi comentario anterior, he citado erróneamente el nombre del lugar, quería haberme referido al evento en Loberia, Buenos Aires. Pido disculpas.

Luiz Miranda 3 years ago

Sobre el tornado entre Ayacucho y Balcarce, el tractor fue "siguiendo" el fenómeno, cuando debería evitarlo. En estos casos es mejor ir "hacia donde el tornado ya pasó", o sea, en la pantalla, hacia el lado derecho. O esperar donde estaban al principio habría sido suficiente. ¡Tiempo caliente, cabeza fría!

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