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Historic ocean receding in parts of Brazil and Uruguay


A historic ocean receding caused by strong northerly winds occurred in several coastal cities of Uruguay and Brazil on August 11 and 12, 2017.

In Punta del Este, Uruguay, the ocean receded more than 10 meters (32.8 feet) in about 15 minutes on August 11, leaving yachts, fishing boats and sea lions stranded. Meteorologists said the phenomenon was caused by strong winds coming from the north. However, due to its severity, many people thought it was a sign of a tsunami. 

Earlier in the day, Uruguayan Meteorological Institute (INUMET) issued orange wind warnings for the departments of Montevideo, Canelones, Maldonado, Rocha and Lavalleja.

The same phenomenon occurred along country's southern and southeastern coasts on August 8 and in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, especially in Guaiba, near capital Porto Alegre and Tramandai, on Saturday, August 12.

In Guaíba, a city located in the Metropolitan Porto Alegre, water level dropped 0.31 m (1 foot) in 24 hours, reaching 0.24 m (0.78 feet) on Saturday morning, its lowest level in the last 12 years. The average level in the month of August is 0.97 m (3.18 feet).

According to Porto Alegre government, the phenomenon in Guiaba was 'verified along the entire border of the Historic Center to the South.' The event, similar to that observed during the drought in 2005, occurred due to strong winds and a period of 60 days with little or no rain, it said.

The situation normalized on Sunday, August 13.

Featured image: Punta del Este, Uruguay on August 11, 2017. Credit: Beatriz Davyt


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  2. Zero possibility that hurricanes caused a 30 foot drop in shoreline, especially when the wind wasn’t very strong at the time. Also do your research, this has never happened until 2017.

  3. I am searching proof for significant magnetic poles shift, which should have the consequences, among which are eruption of old and newly born volcanoes, and shift of ocean water from seashore. If magnetic poles are to change significantly, everything in weather seasons is ought to change too. Just imagine magnetic field as you did sometime in high school , and change the poles: things start moving different. Same thing here, because the core under mantle is liquid (iron and nickel) and easy to move when magnetic field intensity changes all around. Water in ocean can also be influenced easily: and if it goes off from somewhere, then it is to land in another place. Since the water is back, consideration above is not taking place, and far from being critical. But it is worth to watch it. Please INFORM us, on the other continents, and warn in case the opposite takes place.

  4. A hurricane doesn’t need to be on the shore to pull back the sea. Hurricane winds travel counterclockwise, so a storm out on the east coast of Uruguay could easily suck off the coast.

  5. I did some research (I was unable to find any information on whether or not wind can push back the ocean)! I did find this information (let me know if I am missing something):

    “In a hurricane (64 – 71 knots) and even with violent storms (56 – 63 knots) the wind causes the sea to froth.

    Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; just named different when in different locations:
    Atlantic & Northeast Pacific = Hurricane
    Northwest Pacific = Typhoon
    South Pacific & Indian Ocean = Cyclone

    A storm surge is water that is pushed onto shore by a hurricane. It is rarely a “wall of water” as often claimed, but rather a rise of water that can be as rapid as several feet in just a few minutes. A hurricane/typhoon/cyclone all create storm surges when they exit the ocean onto land. These storm surges can reach up to 44 feet (highest recorded) in category 4 & 5 hurricanes, depending on many factors (look under mechanics in the Storm Surge wiki)!

    Tides also are factors in how high a storm surge can get:
    When a Hurricane comes ashore at High Tide it would cause more damage since if it went ashore at low tide a certain amount of the surge would first have to make up the difference from low tide to high tide, providing the surge exceeded that point that is what the surge level would be.

    Two of the most important factors of a storm surge are meteorological factors:
    Long Fetch of winds spiraling inward toward the storm (that never let up are constant with no breaks), &
    Low-Pressure-induced dome of water drawn up under and trailing the storm’s center.

    Another important factor for making a storm surge are waves, while directly powered by the wind, is distinct from a storm’s wind-powered currents. Powerful wind whips up large, strong waves in the direction of its movement. Although these surface waves are responsible for very little water transport in open water, they may be responsible for significant transport near the shore.

    Based on the last two paragraph Winds off the shore of Brazil and Uruguay could not have long fetch (there would be significant breaks between wind gusts). Also “waves, while directly powered by the wind, are responsible for very little water transport in open water, they may be responsible for significant transport near the shore”.

    I don’t believe winds blowing off of the shore could push 30 feet of ocean water from the coasts of Brazil and the Coasts of Uruguay!

  6. Is the Nemesis brown dwarf star system causing this?I have been reading everything that I can find.Something is going on.Please brothers and sisters get your affairs in order.

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  8. I live in Northeast were we have intense nor’easters and water doesn’t recede 30 feet in 15 minutes. Then a huge rogue wave hits Chile on Western side of South America. Wasn’t even easy to find this online.

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  10. I am now seriously considering this website is part of the filtered news agenda. Where are all the comments? Why didn’t thewatchers post this in the main articles section? Why was it only in the editors picks? Why didn’t anybody want to show what was goin on at the Eastern Pacific side during this event? I’ve had this website bookmarked for ever and its the first site I go to when I go online. Not anymore. I detect bullshit.

  11. Isn’t it funny how these european meteorologists, “scientist”, always seem to have stupid explanations to phenomenons. All knowledge they claimed as their own is stolen from ancients. But now they have to do it on their own and they don’t have a clue. lol…..keep up the nonsense…lol

    The pathology of the european is to never take any responsibility for their actions. All stolen knowledge is used for things real humans don’t need. We are here to simply live with nature. All european do is create and live against nature. Why not stop making all these garbage! Why make any plastics or synthetic things, why lighten buildings at night, why search the universe if you simply have to live on this planet. Scared of something???

  12. So water drops 30+ feet and “””””METEOROLOGISTS”””” explain this with ‘Wind’. Are we serious here? Any scientific data to back this up or perhaps have some geologists take a looksie at this. Maybe the meteorologist was just passing some wind. It certainly did not look like hurricane force winds here. I will not be played with on this agenda.

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