Peter Mungo Jupp: Electric transmutation

Peter Mungo Jupp: Electric transmutation

In Part 1 of this presentation, Australian archaeologist Peter Jupp begin outlining his case for the sudden fossilization of organisms on Earth.

As Peter explained, many examples exist of lifeforms that were not fossilized over geologic ages but rather through the instantaneous process of petrification. But what natural mechanism could achieve this?

As he will explain in greater detail at the forthcoming Thunderbolts Project conference in Phoenix, AZ, the answer lies in decades of laboratory research into high energy plasma discharges.

Part 1 - Electric fossilization

Videos courtesy The Thunderbolts Project

Featured image: Carolina Bay. Credit: Google

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Whirled Publishing 1 year ago

No speculation is needed on this topic - explanations can be found in hundreds of independent historic documents, written in over a dozen languages, which tell us the hundreds of volcanoes along the rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire - from Antarctica to Alaska - dormant, extinct and active - all exploded at one time. The massive heat dehydrated the trees, etc. This is no mystery. Historic documents provide us with the exact date for this cataclysm. Historic documents also give us the exact date for the explosion of Yellowstone, Wah Wah Springs, Long Valley, etc. We're given the exact date for Nuuanu landslide and tsunami waves, the exact date for the Eltanin Tsunami Waves ... with the cataclysm of the Siberian Traps about 100 years later. We're told when, why and how the Mariana Trench was formed, along with all the other ocean trenches - Aleutian, etc., we're told the forces that broke and subducted the tectonic plates, the forces that created the islands archipelago's, the when, why and how of the formation of the Grand Canyon, etc. All of this is documented in historic records - none of these cataclysms happened thousands of years ago or millions of years ago. The historic records include the timeline for the volcanic explosions and huge tsunami waves that decimated Greece and Italy, the South Asian Islands, etc. We're told why the tectonic plates are subducted beneath the Himalyan Mountains and when it happened, etc.

Geologists rarely study historic documents and even more rarely translate from over a dozen languages - so while the public looks to them for answers, they prefer to take a fantasize about ... " 2.5 million years ago " ... no one with intelligence accepts claims without evidence while thousands of independent sources from all across the world corroborate the timeline in the historic documents. Sounds outrageous when you cling to the timeline that comes from wild imaginings but those who prefer to see evidence are thrilled to know the truth.

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