The mystery of consciousness - Interview with Dr. Michael Clarage

The mystery of consciousness - Interview with Dr. Michael Clarage

Perhaps the greatest mystery of human experience is consciousness itself. Today, the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology provide astounding insights into the electrical and chemical processes of the brain. 

Consequently, institutional science proposes with confidence that the brain alone creates conscious experience. Yet despite all that science has learned, the very source and essence of consciousness remains a puzzle.

Thunderbolts colleague Dr. Michael Clarage shares with us his thoughts on the enduring mysteries of consciousness.

Three articles relating to Dr. Clarage’s video:

Recent video presentations on the mystery of consciousness:

Dr. Clarage received his PhD in Physics from Brandeis University (1992), studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. Prior to that, he spent several years studying binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope. With his brother, he gave traveling lectures about their discoveries in the areas of fractional calculus, fractals, and chaotic systems.

Over the past 15 years, he has presented public lectures on such topics as Relativity and Dimensions, Metaphysics in Biology, Transformation in Supernova and Metamorphosis in Biology. Dr. Clarage is currently a scientist with the SAFIRE Project.

Source: The Thunderbolts Project


Brian Steere 5 years ago

A mystery to the mind seeking explanation in terms of objective definitions perhaps. To Consciousness Itself, an Intimacy that expresses itself AS Creation. The illusion of a consciousness OUTSIDE or APART from Creation is maintained by appeal to 'mysteries'. Of course any act of self-definition results a perspective upon or consciousness of, Existence. But Existence is not limited or indeed defined by such definition, being simply Is. First Cause is not in time and nor therefore is Effect.
All Extensions of consciousness operate as vehicles of "Know Thyself". This principle operates also with a false sense of self. It is simply the innate Nature of mind as reflection.
The apparent NON-mystery of matter posits the 'known world'. Nothing has any existence outside or apart from consciousness of it. However, ritual, routine and habits of assertion do not constitute knowing anything more than ideas given acceptance and identification.
Insofar as we humanly identify within a limiting and limited private sense of consciousness, we are actively blindsiding Consciousness the Field in which and of which everything experiencable arises to the focus of awareness that brings it forth or invokes it. Universal Consciousness is the Unifying Principle but what is generally associated humanly as consciousness is the dis-integrating or separating principle.
These are but thoughts to reflect upon or not, and resonate with - or not.

Chris 5 years ago

You can only exist in and with GOD, without his mercy you will never know.

You will be lost in nirvana.


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