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49 minutes of science and self-awareness: Athene’s Theory of Everything


The following documentary presents new developments in neuroscience and a solution to the many current unsolved problems in physics. While it keeps clear of metaphysical correlations and is solely focused on scientifically verifiable data it also has philosophical repercussions pertaining to life, death and the origin of the universe.

Due to its many layers and density in presentation it may require multiple viewings to fully comprehend its implications even though considerable effort has been made to simplify the complex scientific concepts that are discussed.

Neuroscience, quantum theory, consciousness, self-awareness, left and right brain half and mental clarity are just some of the topics covered and explained in this video. Since it was released last year a lot of you may have probably seen it. Nevertheless, it might be fun to watch it again or just brush up on things it covers. For those that did not see it… here it is, all parts together, 49 minutes of science and self-awareness – Athene’s Theory of Everything. (Chapters: God is in the neurons, The grand scheme of things.)


Professor of Communication Studies Corey Anton at Grand Valley State University reviews AToE:
Rocket Engineer Evie Marom’s review:

1080P Torrent link: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6125081 / Direct download: http://wioym.net/athene/atoe.mp4
(much higher quality than YouTube’s 1080P)

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Full soundtrack coming soon at
(who did the amazing original soundtrack)

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  1. An abundance of recognizable consciousness reflection here, but a curious scientism-identity that then validates itself via uncovering the illusion or non existence of self – and yet describes psycho-physical processes in terms of such 'self' in order to create the reflection idea of Infinite Instant – as a point of view – although all point of view (experience) is such Instant.
    The creation of infinite experience within such Instant, simply is… the reflective or 'self'-awareness – and contains within it all apparent limitations and distortions or modifications of itself.
    Because there is nothing 'outside it' and no-when and no where – where it is not, it is the Source Condition of all names that cannot itself be named – and so is reflected in every name.
    Creating experience as a rich reflection, is the giving/receiving communication within Consciousness that is the transcendent context of the extending consciousness as multiple nodes of creation.
    The 'self' of such node is free to extend and reflect the lines of its own creation – but it may never leave its own Source Node of Infinite Consciousness. But any Idea conceivable can be experienced – including the idea of an exclusive or separate or private creation. But such experience is a filtered overlay of mind – of intention, thought, desire. The density and continuity of such experience uses an apparent contra force of action and reaction as a framework within which also to explore, uncover and reflect or share facets of All That Is to All That Is.
    "Know Thyself", applies on any apparent level, for it is the 'motion' within timeless Instant whereby Existence Communicates Itself to Itself – the All in One and the One in All.
    Giving/receiving is inescapable – all thought is creative at some level. But the surface thinking of the personality construct is simply forms of distortion filtering that masks and prisms Infinity or non-local synchronicity in focus of the self-segregating intent.
    The shift to the reintegrating movement operates as a unifying presence rather than the attempt to unify around a point of coercive force or reaction.
    All motivation is Universal – but the definition of self in relation to any relation determines the feeling and meaning and belief and action that follows. Such inherency places awakened responsibility as the heart of knowing true alignment. For each extension of Infinite Consciousness is unique and has its own core signature vibration. To align with one's core being is to resolve to joy, to move in, with and as the interest, engagement, excitement or enlivening appreciation of existence itself.
    Much of the negative human conditioning is a conceptual misidentification as a result of exploring coercive will. The urge to control or understand in terms of private self interest is a vanity of a limited duration, because it cuts off awareness of source and overloads the mind with a task it is not designed nor capable of performing. The usurping of the creative impulse is a self-possessive loop that is no less self depleting and so, leads to the end-time or shift to Inclusive Perspective.
    Whatever serves the reintegration within the resonance of the step being engaged, is naturally attracted. The attempt to control this process is part of the uncovering of such modality through its breakdown – despite and because of ingenuity.
    Using mind to understand mind must always be free of self-seriousness and yet can serve the re-membering of presence as a participance and joy that extends qualities of unified existence or Life – rather than seek to get it or seek self-validation.
    It isn't that core religion is wrong – but that the idea of separation of God and Consciousness, segregated a mind. A segregative mind MUST limit itself within a body of unconsciousness or Communication would dissolve the intent. The power to forget is inherent to creation and irrelevant to Infinity. Focusing within true-for-you-now alignment
    is a simple self honesty/ Love the existence that is in truth loving you into existence and be the flow of choice that expresses and extends such value.

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