Ireland experiencing the coldest summer in 25 years

Ireland experiencing the coldest summer in 25 years

Counties in central and southern Ireland have been experiencing temperatures that are between 0.2 degrees C and 0.9 degrees C below normal this summer.

The Irish weather site Met Eireann reported that the mean temperatures for June around the country have been about 1 degree C lower than normal. July also is reported to have had lower-than-average mean temperatures for the month. The temperatures were about 0.5 to 1 degree C below normal. A weather station at Casement Aerodrome, located in the south west of Dublin, reported a temperature of 4.7 degrees C (40.46 F) on July 22. This was the lowest temperature reported there since 1984.

The highest temperature of the summer so far is 25.5 degrees C (77.9 F), recorded at Oak Park, Carlow on June 3, according to IrishWeatherOnline.

Met Eireann contributes the cooler temperatures to polar maritime air masses that are the result of the polar jet stream running farther south than usual over the North Atlantic. If the weather pattern in place remains for the rest of the season, this could be Ireland's coolest summer in the last quarter of a century.


TheWatchers Adorraeli on Facebook 9 years ago

Diane Denizen commented on The Watchers: Can confirm this for sure, the garden has been very poor this year, tomatoes late ripening and problems with slugs as they like it on the cooler side. What WAS that thing about Global Warming???

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