Watch the Moon LIVE!

Watch the Moon LIVE!


As the Moon waxes full this weekend, is broadcasting live views of lunar terrain from telescopes in Europe and North America. Tune in for a lunar tour, or become a broadcaster yourself!


Dutch Observatory E-Cosmos Moon Broadcast

ASTRONOMYLIVE will host the webcasts during the Lunar Week and has some very interesting LIVE webcasts waiting for you. During the Lunar Week, AstronomyLive will host at least two broadcasts, currently scheduled 15th and 16th of April. The first broadcast will take you on a journey across the 85% illuminated lunar surface, on the hunt for the most beautiful craters during this phase, the ´Crater hunt´. The craters at the terminator will receive special attention, the dark side of the moon that changes during the Moon phase. Please know that you will see a LIVE view of the Moon and not some Moon photo....


Mark Stockbridge 10 months ago

What's that big unknown planet in front of the moon

D. B. 11 months ago

I just saw a meteor about 5 minutes ago going towards the moon. Now the moon looks like the Sun. Did the meteor hit it? I'm live in southern Pa. Usa

mansi 5 years ago

hello it very nice picture

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