Universal Cycle - Co-Creation period, February 10 and October 28, 2011

February 10, 2011 brings in the last of nine levels on the Mayan Calendar - Universal cycle or the conscious co-creation period.

The Mayan Calendar will herald in some key dates in mere weeks and it really starts rolling later in 2011. Here we read two key dates, 2/10/11 and 10/28/11 and what it may mean for humanity:

"October 28, 2011 will be like trying to go through the eye of a needle. Remember the Bible story where Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."? Where this saying comes from is that in ancient cities there were robbers on camel routes. The walls to the cities were high, the doorways narrow. You had to unload your camel to get through the eye of the needle.

And what this means to us is that we must get unloaded from who we thought we were. We are not a machinist, not a computer specialist, etc. We must ask ourselves: "What am I NOT?" I'm not my house, not my car, not my relationships. We are NO THING. Once we realize this, it will be pretty easy to go through the eye of a needle then.

We are raising our vibrations to change our cellular memory. What you pay attention to is what will occur. We will be co-creators of new reality. We will not be disempowered. To the contrary; we will be able to empower ourselves. In this process, remember that Creation is totally on our side. There is more opening to Consciousness in this process than there is difficulty. Remember, there are more days than nights."

The Next Nine Years - A thought-provoking analysis of the Mayan Calendar according to Ian Lungold

Dr. Calleman on 10/28/2011:

"To the best of our knowledge this highest energy state of the universe will be attained on the energy 13 Ahau (13 and Ahau are symbols of completion in the Mayan calendar) on the Gregorian date October 28, 2011. This highest state does not in any sense mean the end of the world, but only that all the Nine wave movements are then completed. Maybe we can use the metaphor that we are now about to climb the last hard steps of a ladder until we climb on to the roof where we will find a new stability under our feet and a place to rest."

Source: 9.9.9. and the Mayan Calendar

2011 - Universal Cycle and Co-Creation



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