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tinakula january 29 2019

Thermal anomaly, steam emissions observed at Tinakula volcano, Solomon Islands

According to imagery captured by satellites and passengers aboard airplanes, the Tinakula volcano in the Solomon Islands is active again. Its last eruptive period lasted from October 21 to 26, 2018 (VEI3). Heavy ashfall produced during the eruption was followed by...

January 29, 2019

tinakula eruption solomon islands october 2017 okano gamara

Eruption continues at Tinakula, water contaminated, people living on coconuts

The Tinakula volcano in Solomon Islands continues erupting for the fifth day in a row after it burst into life October 20, 2017. Heavy ashfall has already contaminated water supplies on nearby islands, but since the area is a no-fly-zone, residents will need to wait...

October 25, 2017

tinakula eruption ash on october 21 2017

Powerful eruption of Tinakula volcano, ash to 10.7 km (35 000 feet), Solomon Islands

After more than 5 years of quiescence, a powerful eruption started at Tinakula volcano, Temoto Province, Solomon Islands at 19:20 UTC on October 20, 2017. A second eruption was registered at 23:40 UTC. Heavy ashfall was reported on nearby islands. According to the...

October 21, 2017


Strong steaming and possible eruption at Tinakula volcano at Solomon Islands

Tinakula is a conical stratovolcano which forms an island north of Nendo in Temotu Province, the Solomon Islands in South Pacific. It lies at the north end of the Santa Cruz Islands.  It is about 3.5 km wide and rises 851 m above sea level, but rises

February 18, 2012