Floods kill 285, affect more than 800 000 in Kenya -- crop loss may lead to food insecurity

Floods kill 285, affect more than 800 000 in Kenya -- crop loss may lead to food insecurity

The death toll from floods that have been pounding Kenya since April has risen to 285 and the number of people affected to 810 655, the government reported in a nationwide briefing​ on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Intense downpours caused havoc across the nation, leading to flash floods, landslides, and sinkholes, the government said.

Thousands of people have been displaced, numerous livestock have perished, and wide swaths of crops have been destroyed. The severe weather has also disrupted transportation, as well as fishing and farming communities.

"As of midnight last night, the total number of lives lost has risen to 285, the number of people affected has risen to 810 655," announced Eugene Wamalwa, the minister of Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands.

Floods and rising water levels in lakes and rivers were unprecedented and the devastation was overwhelming, the official added.

Coastal and western Kenya regions will continue to be impacted by floods as rains are forecast to continue into June.

Wamalwa warned that crop loss may lead to food insecurity as floods continue. However, he assured that the government will continue providing relief for affected families in 33 counties.

Featured image credit: TV47 Kenya/YouTube


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