London records highest atmospheric pressure in more than 300 years, UK

With 1 049.6 hPa registered at Heathrow Airport Sunday into Monday, January 19 to 20, 2020, London has set its new atmospheric pressure record -- the highest since records began in 1692.

The barometer reached 1 049.6 hPa overnight, breaking the previous record of 1 049.1 hPa registered at Kew Observatory on January 18, 1882.

According to the UK Met Office and the European Center for Medium Range Forecasts, they've seen it coming well ahead of time.

"Computerized forecast models run by the Met Office and the ECMWF predicted this development with near pinpoint precision, forecasting the eventual position and intensity of the high-pressure area several days in advance before it had even begun to form," said Stephen Burt, a visiting fellow at Reading University's department of meteorology.

Meanwhile, the 1 053.6 hPa recorded at Aberdeen Observatory on January 31, 1902, still holds the national record.

"The reason for the extremely high pressure can be traced back to the rapid development of an intense low-pressure area off the eastern seaboard of the United States a few days before," Burt explained.

"In simple terms, the air drawn out from this system through the actions of a strong jet stream has to be redistributed elsewhere."

Burt added that this would usually happen over a much bigger area of the North Atlantic, which leads to the fast development of a fairly intense anticyclone.

"On this occasion, the 'excess air' could only be redistributed over a small area because of the existence of a number of other depressions, resulting in the rapid development and intensification of an anticyclone over the British Isles."

Featured image credit: Konstantin Von Wedelstaedt/WikiMedia

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Adam C. Bernau 8 months ago

Oh, yes. The Atmospheric Pressure will rise again due to CHEMTRAILS INPUT of Titanium dioxide, Baryum, Aluminium two trioxide, artificial electric nanoparticles, fungi spores, Stroncium and Cesium included. The official scientific autorities declared THE CHEMTRAILS is very helpful to cool the warming, but they now the higher pressure is bilding more higher temperature. THE CHEMTRAILS PLUG IS KILLING THE PEOPLE, overpressures the troposphere and water is pumping into stratosphere and cold air to sea level. Somebody is happy from Nocticlucent Clouds, but i´m not if you know the water should be here no in 150 km altitude!!! All in the 5G -The SKYNET SCENARIO- so the enemies of mankind want to merger with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, to make the SINGULARITY ON THE EARTH sure. THE CYBORGS do not need the foods, money, they do not protest against your wrongdoing and you can OFF them by pressing the button (last EU decision). I can remember some story from TERMINATOR : "I was born into dysfunctional world, where the SKYNET rules...., And THE SKYNET found out the people are his deadly enemies and desided to annihilate them by nuke attacking the ALL POWERS THEMSELVES..., GENISIS (5G) IS EVERYWHERE, its ruling my phone, my house, my weapons, my life....." Lets to see the Oman, UAE, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan THE SCENARIO OF GIGA POLARVORTEX BUBBLES is fulfilling now, THE SUPER ICE AGE may be at the Doors and so near more than you expected. USA, EU, CHINA and more CHEMTRAILS PRODUCERS will not give up, so the 5G too, what would you say to the Monsters in Davos? How will more than 98 Lithium Derivates influence your Mind???

Fiona (@Adam C. Bernau) 8 months ago

I think there is a certain level of woke that is helpful and healthy. I think you may have tipped into the unhealthy level. Hope you are okay.

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