Researchers confirm Karla crater in Russia an impact structure

Researchers confirm Karla crater in Russia an impact structure

Karla Crater, located in Tatarstan, Russia is confirmed to be an impact structure by researchers on September 23, 2019. The crater, which is 10 km (6.2 miles) in diameter, is now one of about 150 other large impact structures on the planet.

It is located near the border of the Republic of Tatarstan and Chuvash Republic, about 163 km (101.2 miles) from Kazan Federal University.

The research leader, Natalia Bezaeva, said "during our field research near Buinsk, Tatarstan, the impact nature of the Karla structure was confirmed. A number of paleomagnetic, petromagnetic and geochemical samples were collected."

Another researcher, Dilyara Kuzina also explained that "the project as a whole is dedicated to studying magnetic properties of space objects, such as craters and tektites."

The authors are from Kazan Federal University, CEREGE (France), Vernadsky Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Experimental Mineralogy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Featured image credit: Kazan Federal University

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b underwood 23 days ago

Dear Julie, I share your interest in the cosmos, as well as Earth.. You should study electrical processes and why a large space bolide is not responsible for the craters as we know them...They are a result of plasma interaction with rocky bodies..In the 90s when Shoemaker Levi interacted with Jupiter each piece exploded before impact...Holoscience, a page by Wal Thornhill is chocked full of information on the Electric is Thunderbolt Project, Pierre Robitaille, the inventor of MRI also has an excellent page for real science regarding the electrical nature of our universe. Electric geology is evident on every rocky body in space. I highly recommend you look into it..

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