Electric comets: The most dramatic displays

Electric comets: The most dramatic displays

In our previous episode, we began a commemoration of the 5-year anniversary of Space News from the EU with a comprehensive summary of the most significant findings to date from comet missions.

Today, we continue our commemoration with a review of the some of the most dramatic and "surprising" comet displays, all of which point to the electrical nature of cometary phenomena.

Previous episode:

Space News Anniversary: Comet Missions

August 26, 2017, will mark the 5-year anniversary of the inaugural episode of the science video series, Space News from the Electric Universe.

The Thunderbolts Project created this series as an opportunity for its chief principles and many contributors to offer analysis and explanation of space science discoveries in the world today.

For many years previous, members of the Electric Universe community had become increasingly aware of the remarkable predictive successes of EU theory vs those of the standard cosmology.

However, it is also apparent that a disturbing disconnect exists between science discovery and the direction of the theoretical sciences. Many of the most significant space discoveries, completely unexpected in standard reasoning, seem to rarely if ever force any meaningful reassessment of foundational theory.

In part one of this series, we offer a summary of the most significant findings from historic comet missions, and the overwhelming confirmation they’ve provided of the electric comet model.

Videos courtesy and caption The Thunderbolts Project

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Jeffrey Ruppert 1 year ago

It changes everything in my opinion and seems to associated with a crazy theory that our galaxy is a cell in a body. Just like galaxy exist in ever cell of our body. Not a theory I ever considered real but just one of the crazy things. Don't like even thinking on this path.

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