Water on asteroid Psyche baffles astronomers

Water on asteroid Psyche baffles astronomers

Scientists today are expressing their astonishment over the detection of water-deposits on an asteroid that is thought to be pure metal.

The asteroid is called 16 Psyche, and it’s believed to be on of the ten most-massive asteroids in the asteroid belt. Psyche is over 200 km (124 miles) in diameter and contains a little less than 1% of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. It is thought to be the exposed iron core of a protoplanet. Psyche was discovered by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis on March 17, 1852 from Naples and named after the Greek mythological figure Psyche.

In previous episodes, Dr. Franklin Anariba has proposed that electrochemical processes may be responsible for the detection of water molecules at comets. Today, he offers his analysis of this surprising discovery.

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Video courtesy: The Thunderbolts Project

Featured image credit: NASA


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