Heavy midsummer snowfall blankets Vorkuta, northern Russia

Heavy midsummer snowfall blankets Vorkuta, northern Russia

The northern Russian town of Vorkuta, Komi Republic, was blanketed by a heavy midsummer snowfall on July 5, 2015. 

Vorkuta has a subarctic climate with short, cool summers accompanied by very cold and dry winters. According to Wikipedia, average February temperature is about −20 °C (−4 °F), and July is about +13 °C (55 °F). 

Temperatures dropped to -5 °C on July 5 when an “influx” of Arctic air sent a heavy downfall of snow into the city.

Video courtesy of Aleksandr Mehanikov.

Video courtesy of Aleksandr Mehanikov.

Cold weather year round is not unusual in Vorkuta as it lies within the Arctic Circle, AccuWeather explains.

Video courtesy of AccuWeather

Current temperature in Vorkuta (July 9, 2015) is between 6 and 8 °C (42.8 - 46.4 °F).

Featured image credit: Aleksandr Mehanikov.

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Bill H 3 years ago

It's the weather... it always changes... At the 0 BCE Era the Great Lakes were not in their present form at all.

The way this global warming hysteria is going I expect the sun to quit rising in the east.

John Paily 3 years ago

violent changes - much expected as earth struggles to sustain the equilibrium -It is on expected line. We are going to witness huge fire, wind, flash floods/snows, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. By grace, I perceived this tendency over two decades back. Earth struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. Exponentially increased heat is causing the violent peak and fall of energy of the environment leading to accelerated change. Simple awakening to the “Principle and Design” on which earth functions can help us survive and enter Golden Age. If we fail to awaken we are doomed for huge destruction https://www.scribd.com/doc/270257614/What-is-Happening-to-Earth-Its-climate-and-Biosphere-Are-we-Approaching-Sixth-Mass-Extinction

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